Feb 092012
Bleu Restaurant & Lounge

The Burgers at Bleu are something to be seen. I felt pretty good about the combination I built and that was 100% confirmed when those magnificent looking creations arrived at our table. And you don’t just see the burgers being placed in front of you, you breath them. That aroma is intoxicating. Whatever Chef Robert Nam Cirillo uses for seasoning is right on the money.

Sep 192011
Bardog Tavern

This past week I was at Bardog Tavern for a lunch meeting with some pretty cool Memphians kicking off an exciting new project called Memphis Spot. Memphis Spot strives to provide a single ‘spot’ where social Memphians can find events to breakout and engage with other ‘big thinkers’. The core idea is to bring together groups of people at local establishments to talk big ideas and build relationships with other local minds. I was very honored to [full post]