Dec 132011
Does a Veggie Burger Count?

Yesterday I had my first veggie burger from Caritas Village. Caritas is that Binghamton Community center, just off of Hollywood and Sam Cooper. Remember it now? That’s where I had that awesome Osho Burger a few months back. My plan was to eat a little lighter this week since tomorrow night is the Food Bloggers v. The Kookamonga Burger event at Kooky Canuck. I met up with a few friends at Caritas and saw on their [full post]

Dec 052011
Huey's Midtown

I began the Best Memphis Burger blog because of the Huey Burger. When I moved to Memphis, Huey’s Midtown was my neighborhood go to place for great burgers and a bar within walking distance. For years, the Huey Burger was as good as any burger I’d ever eaten. But over time, that burger changed and I found myself eating things like Turkey Croissant and Rueben sandwiches. The Huey Burger just wasn’t what it used to [full post]

Oct 072011
Majestic Grille

Today was a lunch, long overdue. Ever since I saw WKNO’s Local Color – Best Burger in the Midsouth episode, featuring Deni Reilly’s Petite Lamb Burgers, I’ve been intrigued by the cuisine at the Majestic Grille. The Lamb Burgers are not on the menu, but sound like an amazing creation that I am dying to try at home soon. The Majestic Grille seems to have something for everyone there. On their lunch menu alone, there [full post]