Jan 242014
BGR - On a Sesame Seed Bun

After attending a meeting with our CPA out east, Big Tim and I found ourselves super close to BGR The Burger Joint. We’d both been there before and agree that it’s a good burger. It’s not our favorite, but it’s a solid option and on any given day could go toe to toe with many of the burgers we’ve reviewed and loved. This day was no different other than the fact they were out of [full post]

Aug 092013
Hog & Hominy

For weeks I’ve been getting Suggestion Box emails, Facebook messages and tweets about the John T Edge burger being served late night at Hog & Hominy. The consensus from all those communications is that this burger, named after a writer and commentator and the director of the Southern Foodways Alliance, is by far the best burger in Memphis. Its received great reviews from Serious Eats writer, Leslie Kelly and from local food blogger and friend, [full post]

Jul 122013
Hard Rock Cafe Memphis

I was afraid this was going to happen. Once again I’m knee deep planning the 2nd annual Best Memphis Burger Fest. Just like last year, I’m guilty of neglecting the Best Memphis Burger blog. That’s pretty inexcusable, and I apologize to my readers and to all the great burgers out there I haven’t had a chance to eat yet. Here’s a post that I’m only two whole months behind in publishing. It’s a post about a [full post]