Feb 282012
Best Wings of Memphis - In Name Only

For several weeks after I posted about Central BBQ, Ching’s and Bosses, I craved spicy Buffalo flavored Hot Wings. And every time I thought I had my craving under control, another wings suggestion came in. One such tip, which came from the same guy who turned me on to Roxie’s Grocery, was for the Honey Hot wings at Best Wings of Memphis. Best Wings of Memphis is located in a very small strip mall on Summer [full post]

Dec 052011
Dyer's Burgers

So what’s the best burger in Memphis, I asked. Over the past 5 months, a lot of you responded to me it’s Dyer’s Burgers. Everywhere I go, people ask me if I’ve tried Dyer’s yet. It’s been kind of embarrassing that I’ve had to keep responding, “No.” After all, Dyer’s is about as historically Memphis as is the Lorraine Motel, Graceland, BB King and W.C. Handy. Dyer’s uses the same grease that Elmer Dyer used to [full post]

Aug 042011

I didn’t feel much like making lunch today. Truth is, I wanted another burger. The question became which burger. Around 10 am, I walked down to Tim’s (my burger buddy) office and threw it out there. We looked over the Reader Suggestion List and decided we didn’t want to go anywhere either of us had already been. That narrowed the list quite a bit. After a bit of deliberation and a few clicks on Urbanspoon, [full post]