Jan 222014
Central BBQ - Sweet Heat Wings

With two different Twitter followers giving me a heads up this week about a new “Sweet Heat” Wing Sauce at Central BBQ, I knew it was time to give it a try. I have three favorite wings in town that have never once steered me wrong. Alex’s Tavern for the big meaty Greek flavored Drummies, Chings Hot Wings for the cayenne covered Suicide Wings and amazing seasoned fries and Central BBQ for the awesome Buffalo and [full post]

May 112012
Double J Smokehouse & Saloon

There’s a lot of buzz about Double J Smokehouse & Saloon right now, so when a friend suggested we meet there for lunch, I jumped all over it. Double J is located on GE Patterson, just east of Main Street where the former Beignet Cafe recently stood. I’ve been dying to try their burger since I saw Paul Ryburn mention it on either his Downtown Blog or Twitter stream. Unfortunately, I had promised my 8 [full post]

Mar 142012
Crumpy's Wings & More

A few weeks back, some guys from work and I walked over to Crumpy’s Wings & More on Claybrook & Union. We picked up a big to-go order and walked it back to our office. We ceremoniously gathered around a small dining table in our employee break room and began devouring hot wings. It wasn’t pretty, there was an obscene amount of napkins used and I didn’t take any pictures. So there was no wing [full post]