May 312013
Dyer's Burgers - Back for More

It’s with great pleasure that I recently found my way back to Dyer’s Burgers on Beale Street and had the chance to give them a well deserved rewrite. You may recall that the last time I was there, my burger was over-fried and just too crisp. Overall, I found the meal unenjoyable and pledged no more fried burger patties. That all changed a couple months ago when I received an email from the producers of [full post]

Feb 182013
Green Beetle - Back for More

Today we were celebrating Big Tim’s birthday. Anything he wanted was my offer, and knowing his favorite burgers, I guessed we’d be going to Roxie’s, Three Angels or Caritas. Surprisingly, Tim insisted we give the Green Beetle another go. I was game, but silently reluctant. You may recall our last trip to the Beetle; I didn’t care much for their burger at all. It was a 1/2 pound unseasoned and over-cooked patty served on a [full post]

Jun 132012
Cafe Eclectic

Other than P&H, Lamplighter and Neil’s which burned down, I thought I’d covered just about every burger in Midtown. And then Sunday morning comes along and my Social Media rockstar friend, Liz Jostes, starts tweeting about brunch at Cafe Eclectic. Somewhere between here and there, a black bean burger was mentioned and the Best Memphis Burger twitter account was brought into the chat. If I recall, they were twittering about black bean wraps, and I commented [full post]