Dec 052011
Dyer's Burgers

So what’s the best burger in Memphis, I asked. Over the past 5 months, a lot of you responded to me it’s Dyer’s Burgers. Everywhere I go, people ask me if I’ve tried Dyer’s yet. It’s been kind of embarrassing that I’ve had to keep responding, “No.” After all, Dyer’s is about as historically Memphis as is the Lorraine Motel, Graceland, BB King and W.C. Handy. Dyer’s uses the same grease that Elmer Dyer used to [full post]

Dec 052011
Huey's Midtown

I began the Best Memphis Burger blog because of the Huey Burger. When I moved to Memphis, Huey’s Midtown was my neighborhood go to place for great burgers and a bar within walking distance. For years, the Huey Burger was as good as any burger I’d ever eaten. But over time, that burger changed and I found myself eating things like Turkey Croissant and Rueben sandwiches. The Huey Burger just wasn’t what it used to [full post]

Aug 312011
Trolley Stop Market

About a year ago I found some really good pizza in Memphis. And no, it wasn’t from Memphis Pizza Cafe. I am 100% in agreement with Ken about MPC. The really good pizza I found was at Trolley Stop Market on Madison. And wouldn’t you know it, they also make a few varieties of burgers as well. Since I began this burger quest, readers have been saying that I’ll find my grail burger at Trolley [full post]