Jan 292012

As many good BBQ and burger joints as there are in Memphis, I’m finding there are also a huge number of great wings joints. I mentioned in an earlier post that Kerry from the CVB is doing a Best Hot Wings bracket on the I Love Memphis blog. She’s got some really good wings paired up against one another. What surprised me though were the results of her first matching. She has Central BBQ up [full post]

Nov 082011
Jim's Place Restaurant & Bar

One of the earliest burger recommendations received on BestMemphisBurger.com was the Grecian Lamb Burger at Jim’s Place Restaurant & Bar. That recommendation has stayed on the list for several months because I normally don’t get excited about lamb. When I was young, my mother frequently served lamb chops and I just never was a fan of the gamey taste. When I was a bit older, I worked in a restaurant that served rack of lamb. [full post]

Aug 162011
Jerry's Sno Cones

Lately, my wife has been throwing a lot of jabs my way about my not taking her along on a Best Memphis Burger tasting. After all, she probably loves burgers even more than me and I know it’s been rough for her to read my reviews while not being included in a single tasting, other than our outing to Huey’s. Well we finally changed that the other night when we piled the whole family into [full post]