Aug 092013
Hog & Hominy

For weeks I’ve been getting Suggestion Box emails, Facebook messages and tweets about the John T Edge burger being served late night at Hog & Hominy. The consensus from all those communications is that this burger, named after a writer and commentator and the director of the Southern Foodways Alliance, is by far the best burger in Memphis. Its received great reviews from Serious Eats writer, Leslie Kelly and from local food blogger and friend, [full post]

May 082012
Ms. Dee's

Over the weekend I got a text message from Big Tim telling me he’d just gotten leads on three great burgers yet to be covered on the site. One was Mortimer’s, which I’ve had on the burger radar for some time now. I’ve just never made it over there. The second lead was Jack’s BBQ which I’d never heard of, but a good rule of this is good burgers and good BBQ often come hand-in-hand. The [full post]

Mar 292012
Reese's Bar-B-Q

Going out for lunch is always a lot of fun. I’ve got several people who I fondly call “burger buddies”. They’re almost always ready to go grab a burger or get messy with some hot wings anytime I call or text. That makes my job here so much easier; as much as I enjoy good food, I enjoy sharing the experience with others. Dining out is a social thing and although I’ve done it before, [full post]