Sep 212011

What do you call a burger restaurant where you can walk in, order a burger and have it handed to you in less than 10 seconds? If fast food is your answer, you’re not alone. That’s what I would have said too. Especially after visiting Elliot’s for lunch last week. Elliot’s is located in downtown Memphis on 2nd Street next to Raiford’s Disco. Their sign hanging out front says they have Memphis’ Best Burgers. With [full post]

Sep 062011
Bayou Bar & Grill

Today we wrote down 5 restaurant names from the Suggestion Box list, folded them individually on a post-it notes, scrambled them around the desk and chose one to be our lunch. The winner was The Green Beetle, but I overrode the pick and said, we’re going to the Bayou Bar & Grill for some Blackened Burgers. I wanted something spicy and I knew Tim wouldn’t argue. After all, he’s the one who sent the Bayou [full post]