Nov 162011
T.J. Mulligans

When something appears too good to be true, it usually ends up being exactly that. Burger Day at T.J Mulligans is a prime example of something being too good to be true. T.J. Mulligans is an Irish pub and restaurant with four locations around the Memphis metro area. There’s one downtown, two around Cordova, and one out east on Quince and Kirby. I’ve eaten lunch at the downtown Mulligans several times but never paid much [full post]

Oct 232011
Velvet Cream

Yesterday the family and I took a trip to Cedar Hill Farm. We make this annual trek to Hernando, MS just prior to Halloween to visit the pumpkin patch, corn maze and hay ride with the kids while snapping photos the entire time. This year, I was especially excited to get to Hernando. It also happens to be the home of Velvet Cream, otherwise know as “The Dip”. Velvet Cream is another burger joint that [full post]

Oct 042011
Broadway Pizza

Yesterday we headed over to Broadway Pizza for lunch. I’d been there before for the pizza and I thought it was just okay, but not my favorite. Besides burgers and sushi, pizza completes the trinity of my favorite foods. Because I didn’t love it, I never went back. However, someone recently sent me a suggestion to try Broadway Pizza’s cheeseburger. I was told it was big and very good. How could I go wrong? Especially for the [full post]