Jan 102012
The Slider Inn

Well folks I finally made it to The Slider Inn today. I’ve been trying to go for months, but for one reason or another my plans always fell through. Big Tim, who is so kind to join me for most of the burger adventures, went this past fall and was in no hurry to go back until he dropped the idea on me today. After reading a recent review on no rococo, I’ve really had [full post]

Dec 132011
Does a Veggie Burger Count?

Yesterday I had my first veggie burger from Caritas Village. Caritas is that Binghamton Community center, just off of Hollywood and Sam Cooper. Remember it now? That’s where I had that awesome Osho Burger a few months back. My plan was to eat a little lighter this week since tomorrow night is the Food Bloggers v. The Kookamonga Burger event at Kooky Canuck. I met up with a few friends at Caritas and saw on their [full post]

Sep 132011
The Green Beetle

The past two Mondays, Tim and I played a game of “Burger Roulette” when picking lunch. Both times, The Green Beetle was randomly selected. Last week I overruled the pick to get a Blackened Bayou Burger. Remember how that turned out? This week, Tim tried to overrule The Green Beetle selection in favor of Slider Inn, but I had to stand my ground saying, “We can’t go against the Burger Gods two weeks in a row.” With that we were [full post]