Feb 292012
Tucker's Pizza, Wings & Subs

Tucker’s Pizza, Wings and Subs was recently recommended by someone at my office. He said their wings are a great deal for the price and if I really wanted something spicy, I should try their Suicide Hot Wings. Tucker’s is another place I’ve driven by for years and never tried. I remember a couple of distinct Twitter conversations about their late night delivery service and their menu variety, but Tucker’s really wasn’t on the radar [full post]

Feb 282012
Best Wings of Memphis - In Name Only

For several weeks after I posted about Central BBQ, Ching’s and Bosses, I craved spicy Buffalo flavored Hot Wings. And every time I thought I had my craving under control, another wings suggestion came in. One such tip, which came from the same guy who turned me on to Roxie’s Grocery, was for the Honey Hot wings at Best Wings of Memphis. Best Wings of Memphis is located in a very small strip mall on Summer [full post]