May 112012
Double J Smokehouse & Saloon

There’s a lot of buzz about Double J Smokehouse & Saloon right now, so when a friend suggested we meet there for lunch, I jumped all over it. Double J is located on GE Patterson, just east of Main Street where the former Beignet Cafe recently stood. I’ve been dying to try their burger since I saw Paul Ryburn mention it on either his Downtown Blog or Twitter stream. Unfortunately, I had promised my 8 [full post]

Mar 142012
Crumpy's Wings & More

A few weeks back, some guys from work and I walked over to Crumpy’s Wings & More on Claybrook & Union. We picked up a big to-go order and walked it back to our office. We ceremoniously gathered around a small dining table in our employee break room and began devouring hot wings. It wasn’t pretty, there was an obscene amount of napkins used and I didn’t take any pictures. So there was no wing [full post]

Feb 292012
Tucker's Pizza, Wings & Subs

Tucker’s Pizza, Wings and Subs was recently recommended by someone at my office. He said their wings are a great deal for the price and if I really wanted something spicy, I should try their Suicide Hot Wings. Tucker’s is another place I’ve driven by for years and never tried. I remember a couple of distinct Twitter conversations about their late night delivery service and their menu variety, but Tucker’s really wasn’t on the radar [full post]