Oct 242012
Notable Memphis Burgers

It’s no secret that my blogging significantly slowed down while planning the inaugural Best Memphis Burger Fest. I hate that I wasn’t getting much writing done, but putting on a festival is a lot of work. Much more than I ever anticipated. Ironically, while new entries on BestMemphisBurger.com were few and far between, my going out to eat increased significantly. It seemed like I was always meeting someone to talk about a sponsorship lead or [full post]

Dec 132011
Does a Veggie Burger Count?

Yesterday I had my first veggie burger from Caritas Village. Caritas is that Binghamton Community center, just off of Hollywood and Sam Cooper. Remember it now? That’s where I had that awesome Osho Burger a few months back. My plan was to eat a little lighter this week since tomorrow night is the Food Bloggers v. The Kookamonga Burger event at Kooky Canuck. I met up with a few friends at Caritas and saw on their [full post]