Oct 012011
Stuffy's: 3rd Time's a Charm

I promise you this is the last time I will write about Stuffy’s. Tonight the whole family met up for dinner with some good friends, Kalisa and Chip. Kalisa blogs at I’ll Be the One in Heels. She writes about fashion, family, Memphis, Saints football and beach vacations. If you haven’t checked her blog out, you should. You’re in for some great laughs and informative rules for dressing right at the award shows. Pretty much everything [full post]

Sep 302011
RP Tracks

Today there was no Post-it note Roulette, no combing through the suggestion box and no discussion about where to go for a burger. Last Friday I received a tweet from the RP Tracks Twitter account that read, “@MemphisSeth you should come down to RPTracks and try our burger. We think it’ll beat everyone else’s on your blog!” For days that tweet has stuck me with two things impressing me the most. One was that RP [full post]

Sep 222011
Stuffy's - Back For More

Today Tim and I wanted to get a good burger without the pressure of having to blog or critique everything about it. We just wanted to sit down enjoy a Best Memphis Burger. We looked at our leaderboard and both simultaneously said, “Stuffy’s.” I really had no intention of writing anything today, but once again, it was a grand slam! Stuffy’s knocked that burger so far out of the park, I can’t think of any [full post]