Jan 262012
Ching's Hot Wings

Ching’s did not disappoint. These wings were as hot as I’d hoped they’d be, but by no means unbearable. They packed enough punch to give me the lip burn, the mouth burn and a little heartburn as I ate. They were a little heavy on the vinegar flavor, but that’s my only complaint. The surprise favorite of my lunch was the french fries. Probably the best fries I’ve had throughout the entire burger/wings journey.

Dec 202011
Breaking: Stuffy's is Moving East

Stuffy’s where are you? You don’t answer the phone, you don’t return emails. What are your fans to think? My Twitter feed has been hot this past week with friends asking me if Stuffy’s went out of business. They only opened in early August so I couldn’t imagine they closed up shop that quick. I actually found it quite comical that I’m supposed to be the procurer of all information related to bovine consumption. Nonetheless, I love [full post]

Nov 012011
Stuffy's - Make mine medium, PLEASE!

Make mine medium has become a standing joke. I go out for a burger, ask for it to be cooked medium and I’m usually served a something very well-done. Some of those burgers have been delicious. Some, not so much. I generally find if there’s a cloth napkin involved, I’ll get what I order. I’m not so delusional as to think I’m going to get a medium burger at Tops or Sweden Kream, but If [full post]