Jan 172014
Slider Inn

This post is very long overdue. I first visited the Slider Inn shortly after they opened and found the burgers not very spectacular at all. Since then I’ve been back at least a dozen times and have never once been disappointed. The menu always has a nice variety of sliders to mix and match, with my favorite slider being the Big Deuce. It’s a double patty slider with lettuce, tomato, pickle, bacon and cheese. It’s [full post]

Oct 242012
Notable Memphis Burgers

It’s no secret that my blogging significantly slowed down while planning the inaugural Best Memphis Burger Fest. I hate that I wasn’t getting much writing done, but putting on a festival is a lot of work. Much more than I ever anticipated. Ironically, while new entries on BestMemphisBurger.com were few and far between, my going out to eat increased significantly. It seemed like I was always meeting someone to talk about a sponsorship lead or [full post]

Jan 102012
The Slider Inn

Well folks I finally made it to The Slider Inn today. I’ve been trying to go for months, but for one reason or another my plans always fell through. Big Tim, who is so kind to join me for most of the burger adventures, went this past fall and was in no hurry to go back until he dropped the idea on me today. After reading a recent review on no rococo, I’ve really had [full post]