Jul 052017
Best Burgers - DIY Style

It’s not hard to make a great burger. Just remember a handful of best burger practices and you’re on your way.   1. Fat is your friend. A lean beef to fat ratio is a recipe for a dry burger. Use an 80/20 blend. Chuck is perfect. The Fresh Market has a great product. Claybrook Farms is amazing too.   2. You’re not making meatloaf so don’t mix seasonings, eggs, breadcrumbs or anything into your burger [full post]

Jun 292014
Spicy Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers

It’s no secret I like to tease you with foodporn pictures and posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This time however I’m going to do more than tease you. I’m going to teach you to make one of my favorite party and festival dishes, Jalapeño Poppers. I was first introduced to Jalapeño Poppers about three years ago by a really great friend and BBQ brethren, Jesse Hays, who has taught me so much about grilling [full post]

Jul 032012
Recipe: Bobby Flay's Santa Fe Burgers

I’m breaking away from the normal review today to share a burger recipe I plan on making very soon. Like most food geeks, I watch the Food Network and regularly surf their website for inspiration and recipes. Today I happened upon a recipe that really appeals to my love for both burgers and spicy southwestern style food, Bobby Flay’s Santa Fe Burger. Can you just imagine the flavor of a gooey queso sauce made with Monterey [full post]