Jul 052017
Best Burgers - DIY Style

It’s not hard to make a great burger. Just remember a handful of best burger practices and you’re on your way.   1. Fat is your friend. A lean beef to fat ratio is a recipe for a dry burger. Use an 80/20 blend. Chuck is perfect. The Fresh Market has a great product. Claybrook Farms is amazing too.   2. You’re not making meatloaf so don’t mix seasonings, eggs, breadcrumbs or anything into your burger [full post]

Mar 072012
Breaking: Five Guys Planning Midsouth Colonization

As if one wasn’t enough, Five Guys Burgers and Fries has firmed up it’s plans for a second location in Bartlett and is targeting additional locations in Germantown and Midtown. Complete colonization of the Midsouth is expected to begin by mid 2013, that is if the Mayans were wrong. Regarding Five Guys’ food, I stand by my old review. They serve nothing but over priced fast food. I recall their fries being good, but that was [full post]

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Oct 132011
Five Guys: Midtown?

Rumor has it, although unconfirmed, that Five Guys Burgers and Fries is coming to Midtown. 2100 Union Ave. is the alleged location as reported by the Commercial Appeal. Apparently a deal is in the works. This area of Union Ave. already has a high concentration of fast food. There’s a Burger King in the next lot, a McDonalds across the street and a Chick-Fil-A and Wendy’s a little ways up the street. My take is Five [full post]

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