Dec 192014
Top 10 burgers, hotdogs – and decadent dishes

I wrote this Piece a little over a year ago for The Guardian website. It just dawned on me that I never included it on the Best Memphis Burger site. Happy Holidays. Enjoy! Memphis can tempt with food, as well as music … There’s maple-bacon donuts, giant burgers done to a T, Elvis Presley’s peanut butter and banana sandwich, and hotdogs with real bite: Gibson’s Donuts – Maple Bacon Donut You know that wonderful flavour [full post]

Oct 242012
Notable Memphis Burgers

It’s no secret that my blogging significantly slowed down while planning the inaugural Best Memphis Burger Fest. I hate that I wasn’t getting much writing done, but putting on a festival is a lot of work. Much more than I ever anticipated. Ironically, while new entries on were few and far between, my going out to eat increased significantly. It seemed like I was always meeting someone to talk about a sponsorship lead or [full post]

Jul 222011
Uncle Lou's Fried Chicken

On a whim today, a coworker and I decided it was Thursday, it’s freakin’ hot as Hades outside, and we needed a burger. I told him about my blog, showed him the list of suggestions I’ve been getting and we decided a trip to Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken was in order. OH EM GEE! I don’t know where this competition is going, but I’m telling you today that Uncle Lou’s just threw down the gauntlet. [full post]