Jan 222014
Central BBQ - Sweet Heat Wings

With two different Twitter followers giving me a heads up this week about a new “Sweet Heat” Wing Sauce at Central BBQ, I knew it was time to give it a try. I have three favorite wings in town that have never once steered me wrong. Alex’s Tavern for the big meaty Greek flavored Drummies, Chings Hot Wings for the cayenne covered Suicide Wings and amazing seasoned fries and Central BBQ for the awesome Buffalo and [full post]

Jan 172014
Slider Inn

This post is very long overdue. I first visited the Slider Inn shortly after they opened and found the burgers not very spectacular at all. Since then I’ve been back at least a dozen times and have never once been disappointed. The menu always has a nice variety of sliders to mix and match, with my favorite slider being the Big Deuce. It’s a double patty slider with lettuce, tomato, pickle, bacon and cheese. It’s [full post]

Jan 062014
Tops BAR-B-Q Burger With An Ounce of Pulled Pork

Hello 2014 and hello lunchtime. Today I believe I spent the best $6.99 of my life on a Tops BAR-B-Q Cheeseburger Combo with an ounce of pulled pork. It came with two sides and a drink. I left the lettuce and tomato off of the burger, added spicy BBQ sauce and chose fries and beans as my sides. The Tops burger is still a pretty thin patty seasoned with nothing but salt and pepper and [full post]