Aug 092013
Hog & Hominy

For weeks I’ve been getting Suggestion Box emails, Facebook messages and tweets about the John T Edge burger being served late night at Hog & Hominy. The consensus from all those communications is that this burger, named after a writer and commentator and the director of the Southern Foodways Alliance, is by far the best burger in Memphis. Its received great reviews from Serious Eats writer, Leslie Kelly and from local food blogger and friend, [full post]

Oct 242012
Notable Memphis Burgers

It’s no secret that my blogging significantly slowed down while planning the inaugural Best Memphis Burger Fest. I hate that I wasn’t getting much writing done, but putting on a festival is a lot of work. Much more than I ever anticipated. Ironically, while new entries on were few and far between, my going out to eat increased significantly. It seemed like I was always meeting someone to talk about a sponsorship lead or [full post]

May 302012
Gus's World Famous Fried Chicken

I’m taking a small leap once again by not writing about burgers or hot wings, so please bear with me. Recently we had reason to celebrate something at my house. The problem was, we were all just too exhausted to go out. Instead, I texted my wife something like this, “How about some Gus’s?” Her reply was a simple, but very convincing, “Oh Yes!” And in that instant, I knew dinner was going to be [full post]