Dec 192014
Top 10 burgers, hotdogs – and decadent dishes

I wrote this Piece a little over a year ago for The Guardian website. It just dawned on me that I never included it on the Best Memphis Burger site. Happy Holidays. Enjoy! Memphis can tempt with food, as well as music … There’s maple-bacon donuts, giant burgers done to a T, Elvis Presley’s peanut butter and banana sandwich, and hotdogs with real bite: Gibson’s Donuts – Maple Bacon Donut You know that wonderful flavour [full post]

Jan 242014
BGR - On a Sesame Seed Bun

After attending a meeting with our CPA out east, Big Tim and I found ourselves super close to BGR The Burger Joint. We’d both been there before and agree that it’s a good burger. It’s not our favorite, but it’s a solid option and on any given day could go toe to toe with many of the burgers we’ve reviewed and loved. This day was no different other than the fact they were out of [full post]

Jan 222014
Central BBQ - Sweet Heat Wings

With two different Twitter followers giving me a heads up this week about a new “Sweet Heat” Wing Sauce at Central BBQ, I knew it was time to give it a try. I have three favorite wings in town that have never once steered me wrong. Alex’s Tavern for the big meaty Greek flavored Drummies, Chings Hot Wings for the cayenne covered Suicide Wings and amazing seasoned fries and Central BBQ for the awesome Buffalo and [full post]