Dec 132011
Does a Veggie Burger Count?

Yesterday I had my first veggie burger from Caritas Village. Caritas is that Binghamton Community center, just off of Hollywood and Sam Cooper. Remember it now? That’s where I had that awesome Osho Burger a few months back. My plan was to eat a little lighter this week since tomorrow night is the Food Bloggers v. The Kookamonga Burger event at Kooky Canuck. I met up with a few friends at Caritas and saw on their [full post]

Sep 272011
Caritas Village

Burger Roulette once again. This time we folded up 5 restaurant names on separate Post-it notes and hoped the Burger Gods would be smiling on our pick. We’d be eating at Arcade, Young Avenue Deli, Blue Monkey, Caritas Village or Broadway Pizza. Even before Tim made the random selection, I told him that I really wanted to give Caritas a try. Urbanspoon reviews say this it’s a winner and Dan Conaway, from the Daily News, [full post]