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College Basketball fans gearing up to enjoy the 2014 NCAA Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games, welcome to Memphis. It’s been a wild ride already getting here. Warren Buffet is comfortably holding on to his money and bracketology science has pretty much been tossed out the window. Nevertheless, here we are with 16 very worthy teams ready to hoop it up for a ticket to the Final Four. In between games you have to check out  downtown Memphis. We’re the home of Blues Music and the Best BBQ in the world. Whether you’re on Beale Street or exploring the great eating and shopping of The South Main Historical District, I’m here to tell you that you’re also surrounded by awesome hamburgers. Here’s what I would recommend:

1. Dyers Burgers Dyer’s Burgers on Beale Street is a Memphis institution. 100 yr old filtered and seasoned grease is what makes a Dyer’s Double Double taste like heaven on a bun. They were recently featured on the Travel Channel’s Burger Land and have so much tradition in this city. I promise this is one burger you don’t want to miss. Have you had your Vitamin G?

Dyer's Burgers - Double Double with Rings

Dyer’s Burgers – Double Double with Rings

2. Earnestine & Hazel’s Also screaming with tradition is Earnestine & Hazel’s. There’s so much history in this converted old brothel and pharmacy that is now the home of the local favorite, Soulburger. A late night attraction indeed. From the haunted hallways above to the supernatural jukebox that always seems to play just the right song at just the right moment. Get a Soulburger and ask about the midnight ghost tours.

Earnestine & Hazel's Soulburger

Earnestine & Hazel’s Soulburger

3. Huey’s Huey’s is family friendly local favorite around Memphis. With 9 locations and and over 25 years of great tradition, you will always get a great meal at a very reasonable price. Their menu features many burger choices, including several heart healthy selections. There’s always classic rock playing and sporting events on the big screens. Have fun shooting your frill-picks into the ceiling when you finish eating.

Huey's Bluez 57 Burger

Huey’s Bluez 57 Burger

4. Majestic Grille Another great family restaurant is the Majestic Grille. I’m not sure I’ve had a burger with more genuine beef flavor. Bite for bite, few burgers anywhere can stand up to the Majestic Burger making it one of my downtown favorites. You’ll love the parmesan fries too.

Damn Good Burger!

Majestic Burger – Majestic Grille

5. Kooky Canuck  Another favorite is a quick trip to Canada, but in Memphis. Just across the street from the Peabody Hotel is Kooky Canuck, a Canadian themed restaurant and bar with a little of everything on the menu. They even have a big burger challenge if you’re up for it. However, since you have to get to a game, I’d recommend a regular sized burger. My Favorite is the Holy Smoke Burger. If you like a little spicy heat on your food, you’ll find it has all the right flavors and textures for someone who’s truly a Pepper-head and a lover a ground beef.

Kooky Canuck - Holy Smoke Burger

Kooky Canuck – Holy Smoke Burger

6. Green Beetle  I can’t do any kind of downtown burger list without a huger shout out the Green Beetle. It’s a charming little tavern located not too far down South Main and is home to a couple of my favorite burgers. If you like Bleu Cheese and bacon (who doesn’t?), you need to get the Bacon and Tiger Blue Burger. However, if you like Patty Melts – The Fatty Patty Melt is the way to go! You get a half pound of burger awesomeness, grilled onion and your choice of cheese between two large slices of Texas Toast. The result is burgerlicious!

Green Beetle Fatty Patty

Green Beetle Fatty Patty

There you have it in no particular order. Each burger selection is like hearing the swish sound after taking a three pointer shot at the buzzer. You can’t lose! Have a great tournament and enjoy your time in Memphis!

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