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About a week ago, I got a tweet from Action News 5 Chief Consumer Investigator, Andy Wise. Andy produces a news segment that airs on Tuesdays called, Andy, Will It Work. Each week Andy tests products’ advertising claims and lets the public know if they actually work and if they’re a good buy.  He was setting up a time to test StufZ™, a small plastic contraption that supposedly makes stuffing burgers easy. Because I’ve had this site up and running for a couple of years now and organized two Burger Festivals, I’ve gained a little bit of Burger Credibility around town, and he wanted me to assist in judging the StufZ™. I was more than happy to oblige as Andy has done me the honor of judging burgers at both Burger Festivals I’ve held. Here’s the Action New 5 clip that ran this past Tuesday, providing the answer to the question, Andy, Will It Work?

The Green Beetle on South Main invited Andy Wise and me to use their kitchen and food for our testing. Andy decided to take three of their signature menu burgers and instead of putting the different toppings on the burgers, we’d used the  StufZ™ to stuff them inside. Andy chose the Beetle’s Mushroom and Swiss, Bacon Black and Tiger Blue, and Big Kahuna burgers. I’ve had the Bacon Black and Tiger Blue burger before and you pretty much can’t beat the flavor explosions happening with that burger under normal circumstances. I mean, come on. Bacon. Bleu Cheese. Cajun seasoning. Boom! It’s an awesome burger. However, when you cook with the StufZ™, we’re no longer talking normal conditions. We took a 1/2 pound of ground chuck, took about 2/3 of it and make the bottom burger cavity and stuffed it to the very rim with bacon and crumbled Bleu Cheese. We then topped it with the remaining portion of ground chuck, used the StufZ™ to seal it together and passed it off to Chef Tait working the grill. He gave it a generous hit of Cajun seasoning and let the flattop work its magic.

Bacon Black & Tiger Blue Burger in a StuZ Burger Press

On the grill, the Bacon Black and Tiger Blue was nothing less than a monster burger masterpiece.


Bacon Black and Tiger Blue Burger hitting the grill

My only worry was that the top and bottom would overcook before the tall sides of the stuffed burger got up to temperature. In a skillet, you can use the hot sides to cook that part of the burger, but on a flattop I wasn’t sure how he’d accomplish that. Somehow, Chef Tait pulled it of though and this burger was nothing short of amazing.


Bacon Black and Tiger Blue Burger

The other two burgers cooked equally as well. The StufZ™ burger maker sealed in the ingredients like a champ and Chef Tait grilled them up perfectly.

Big Kahuna Burger

Big Kahuna Burger

As you can see in the news clip above, the directions didn’t really indicate the amount of force really needed to make the pocket or deep cavity in the burger and at times it felt clumsy in my hands. To improve the product, I’d like to see some rubber gripping on the bottom to keep it from sliding around on a stainless countertop and a better fit of the plunger press piece that sometimes seems to get locked into place and function properly. I’m also curious to see how it will perform with less meat. The Green Beetle burgers are huge, but not everyone wants a 1/2 pound burger. Will the StufZ™ seal melted cheese inside a thinner patty? Perhaps more research to do down the road. For now though, the question of Andy, will it work has been answered, with an emphatic YES.

I’ve seen the StufZ™ product available at Walgreens, however right now, you can buy two for one on the StufZ™ website. Becareful though, a friend has advised me that since she ordered her StufZ™ online, she’s been getting nonstop calls from a phone number that when googled, references people buying “as seen on TV” offers.

My overall opinion is it’s a handy little device that makes stuffing a burger relatively easy. I probably won’t use it every time I make burgers, but I’m happy to pull it out on that special occasion when I want to eat a huge stuffed burger.

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  1. Growing up – my dad would make a stuffed hamburger that his dad taught him how to make. We just used two large, thin patties, put the stuffing on one, the other patty on top, and sealed the edges. I can’t fathom how this could be any simpler than that.

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