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Peanut butter on a burger? No way! That breaks every rule in the book, right? Well that’s what I thought when I first saw the the Elvis is N the Building Burger on the menu at Checkered Cow Burgers. To my surprise, it actually works quite well. It’s that delicious combination of sweet and salty combined with the great flavor of bacon and served between a buttery croissant US Foods bun (just like the bun on the Pat LaFrieda Burger at Off the Hoof Burgers). I was a little unsure however what to top the burger with. I didn’t think pickles would work and I was on the fence about the tomatoes with peanut butter. I ended up going with just lettuce, onion and bacon and some mayo in the side. The combined well cooked 6 oz patty, a hearty helping of peanut butter and a big side of salty fries proved to be a great lunch. While the burger seasoning added great flavor, the patty itself was slightly over-cooked. However, there were still plenty of juices dripping out of it while I ate. I would have definitely crisped the bacon a little more too. I love it on a burger, but I’d prefer it being more done and less chewy. My only other recommendation would be to melt the peanut butter or put it directly on the patty and not on the bun like a spread.

So where is Checkered Cow Burgers? They’re part of every D’Bo’s Hot Wings restaurant. Checkered Cow is the brain child of David and Leticia Boyd, founders and owners of D’Bo’s Hot Wings, who wanted to offer a large selection of hand crafted quality burgers to the Memphis Market at an affordable price. They’ve succeeded for sure. Checkered Cow Burgers features approximately 30 different burger offerings with a beef or turkey option and all priced well under $10. If you’ve loved their wings for years, you owe it to yourself you check out their burgers.


I give the Elvis is N the Building Burger at Checkered Cow Burgers 4 out of 5 stars. Good Burger with a lot of potential. I can’t wait to try some more of their menu variety.

Checkered Cow Burgers
7050 Malco Crossing Ste 106
Memphis, TN 38125

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