Jan 242014


After attending a meeting with our CPA out east, Big Tim and I found ourselves super close to BGR The Burger Joint. We’d both been there before and agree that it’s a good burger. It’s not our favorite, but it’s a solid option and on any given day could go toe to toe with many of the burgers we’ve reviewed and loved. This day was no different other than the fact they were out of their usual Brioche burger buns. I’m cool however with a sesame seed bun. I think Brioche buns, although usually good, are too much for a burger. Tim and I both ordered a Legend burger with cheddar and bacon. I added grilled jalapeños as well. I’ve got to tell you, it was spot on today. Great seasoning, charbroiled flavors and fresh crisp toppings. My medium burger was cooked perfectly. It was pink inside and dripping juices all over the plate, just how I like it. By far, this was the best BGR burger I’ve had and really makes me want to come back more frequently. With so many options to choose from in that little shopping center, BGR should be at the top of your list. For $11 and change, I got a big fat burger, crisp hand-cut fries and a drink. The closest competitor is Five Guys and I promise you, it’s half as good and 25% more expensive.

I have to mention that BGR took 2nd place in the Best Memphis Burger category at the first Best Memphis Burger Fest. They proudly display the trophy. Go check them out and you’ll see why.


I give the Legend Burger at BGR The Burger joint, 4.5 out of 5 Stars. Today, it was a good as it gets. If you haven’t been in a while, I encourage you to give it another shot. They’re a local franchise and we need to get behind our local restaurants!

BGR The Burger Joint
5865 Poplar Ave
Memphis, TN 38119

If you have a favorite burger that you think is Memphis’ best or that I need to try and review, please drop a note in my suggestion box.

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