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With two different Twitter followers giving me a heads up this week about a new “Sweet Heat” Wing Sauce at Central BBQ, I knew it was time to give it a try. I have three favorite wings in town that have never once steered me wrong. Alex’s Tavern for the big meaty Greek flavored Drummies, Chings Hot Wings for the cayenne covered Suicide Wings and amazing seasoned fries and Central BBQ for the awesome Buffalo and smoke flavors. Well after today, I’m adding Central this elite list twice. The Sweet Heat wings are just that good. They’re a play on a honey-gold wing, but without much of a honey mustard flavor. At first you get the nice, inviting sweetness of the honey and then, just as you’re getting comfortable, BAM!, the eat arrives. Just like any other wing at Central, they’re smoked just right, crisp on the outside and bursting with the flavor of what their coated with. As I made my way through all six wings, my mouth was feeling the heat. They’re not suicide hot or even close, but if you don’t care for spicy food, they’re not for you. If you like spicy, you won’t be disappointed. Next time I’m going to ask if I can get a Sweet Heat and Buffalo sauce mix or maybe three of each, just to make things interesting. I can see where marrying these flavors would be something awesome tasting.


I give the Central BBQ Sweet Heat Wings, 4.5 out of 5 Stars. They’re smoked perfectly. They’re sweet. They’re hot and unfortunately, they’re all gone (till next time). A great flavor Mr. Blondis, very well played, sir.

Central BBQ
147 E. Butler Ave.
Memphis, TN 38103

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