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It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Memphis, TN, and no it’s not Christmas. It’s festival time. We recently saw the Porter-Leath Rajun Cajun Crawfish FestivalSouthern Hotwings FestivalOverton Square Crawfish FestivalMemphis Brewfest and the 2013 Beale Street Music Fest. And now we’re into the days of Memphis in May, where thousands of visitors have already begun descending on downtown Memphis and the Mississippi River banks for an entire month of world-class entertainment, cultural education & World Championship BBQ. Without further ado, I present you with the Best Memphis Burger, 2013 Downtown Burger Guide.

Kooky Canuck - Holy Smoke Burger

Kooky Canuck – Holy Smoke Burger


Dyer’s Burgers – Triple Triple


  • Kooky Canuck, Home of the Kookamonga challenge and the biggest fried pickles ever. All the burgers are big in size and in taste. If you’re going with a group, consider ordering a Kookamonga or two. You can’t beat the price and the taste is awesome. If you like heat, Get the Holy Smoke burger. All the right flavors and textures for someone who’s truly a Pepper-head. Also new to the menu is the Memphis Best burger. It’s modeled after the winning recipe from the first ever, Best Memphis Burger Fest.
  • Local Gastropub, Offering one of the most creative menus I’ve seen, you can’t go wrong with anything there. The Local Burger is as delicious as it is beautiful on the plate. Save room for the Blondie Brownie.
  • Majestic Grille, I’m not sure I’ve had a burger with more genuine beef flavor. Bite for bite, few burgers anywhere can stand up to the Majestic Burger making it one of my downtown favorites. You’ll love the parmesan fries too.
  • Bleu Restaurant & Lounge, Located right across the street from the FedEx Forum, Bleu has a Build Your Own deal for lunch that offers options for everyone and does not disappoint.
  • Roxie’s Grocery, A little off the downtown beat and path, but probably the simplest and best tasting burger you can imagine, and then multiply that by 10. Words can’t do this burger justice.
  • Huey’sWhat’s not to say about Huey’s? Time and time again, you can get a world famous Huey Burger, listen to great classic rock music, watch world-class sports entertainment on TV and shoot toothpicks from your straw. Aways a winner and aways a top choice for the locals.
  • Earnestine & Hazel’s, You can’t come to Memphis and not get a Soul Burger from E&H. The taste is all there although they’re not huge so order a double, and go late. Don’t forget to ask about the Ghost Tour.
  • South of Beale, A big hand-formed patty topped with fried mozzarella and onion ragout. This beefy beauty is and sandwiched on a fresh Ciabatta roll and sided with a generous portion of mouthwatering homemade cajun potato chips.
  • Arcade Restaurant, Take a nostalgic walk back in time at the Arcade Restaurant. This Greek diner has served as a set in many movies and serves up a very tasty burger and fries.
  • Bardog Tavern, How can I not mention Bardog Tavern? If you like sliders, this may be your last stop. These tasty little burgers have all the taste of their big brothers and are served with a Bourbon Mayonnaise that will bring you back time and time again.
  • Elliot’s, Elliots will be the first to tell you that they have the best burger in Memphis. Personally, I didn’t agree, but with the huge salad bar, you can fix it up anyway you want.
  • Dyer’s Burgers, Another tradition in Memphis is the 100 year grease that Dyer’s Burgers are fried in. If you’re going to do it, go big! Get the Triple Triple. Honestly it’s not that big, but necessary if you want to taste the patties. Get some fried Oreos for dessert. You know you want to.
  • Green Beetle, Another very big burger is the Beetle Burger. At least a half pound of seasoned ground chuck on a fresh and delicious Bluff City Bakery bun with all the regular fix-in’s. Go with the Blackened Blue Cheese burger! You’ll love it!

As always, if you have a favorite burger that you think is Memphis’ best and should be reviewed on Best Memphis Burger, please drop a note in the suggestion box. If you’re interested in guest posting your favorite burger, send an email and let us know why.

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