Feb 182013

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Today we were celebrating Big Tim’s birthday. Anything he wanted was my offer, and knowing his favorite burgers, I guessed we’d be going to Roxie’s, Three Angels or Caritas. Surprisingly, Tim insisted we give the Green Beetle another go. I was game, but silently reluctant. You may recall our last trip to the Beetle; I didn’t care much for their burger at all. It was a 1/2 pound unseasoned and over-cooked patty served on a sweet honey wheat bun with a huge wedge of iceberg lettuce awkwardly making it even more difficult to eat. Everyone deserves a second chance though, right? Upon pulling up their website, I found that the Beetle has an even deeper menu with several new burgers. Supposedly, they’re now even using new burger buns, made fresh at Bluff City Coffee Bakery.

Upon arriving, Tim and I both ordered the Black and Tiger Blue Burger. It’s priced competitively at $10.95, and served with Blackened seasoning and blue cheese. Tim ordered his Well Done and I asked for Medium Rare. I really didn’t want a Medium Rare burger, but since 9/10 burger joints in Memphis tend to overcook my order, I’ve started ordering it under-cooked, knowing I have the option to throw it back on the fire for a couple of minutes if needed. Anything for pink and juicy!

TIGERBLUEWell today my plan sort of backfired a bit. Our burgers were cooked perfectly as ordered, and I had to ship my right back to the kitchen. There was just no way I was eating ground beef that rare. Anyway, once it came back closer to medium, I snapped a picture and went in for the taste test! First thing I’ll say is there wasn’t any roll change. It was the same sweet honey wheat bun the Beetle had last time I was there. (I later found out that the Bakery was in the process of dropping off an order of fresh rolls.) It really didn’t matter though, this burger was good today. No, let me rephrase that, this burger kicked ass today! It was big and thoroughly seasoned. It was tender and juicy and the scoop of blue cheese on top of the patty melted perfectly into the meat, giving it such an amazing flavor. Here’s the kicker, I think the sweetness of the bun today helped balance all the flavors I was getting from the Blackened seasoning and the blue cheese. A huge plus were the onions that were slightly sauteed. They added even more flavor and texture. As the cheese melted, the burger kept getting better! I’m going to have to go back very soon for the Bluff City Bakery bun and get the full effect, but Really, I can’t imagine it being much better than it was.

The burger’s one fault, which I easily remedied by yanking off, was the giant piece of iceberg lettuce. I get it, an American burger has lettuce tomato and onion, right? Personally, unless you’re using fancy lettuce, I say skip it. It just wasn’t needed on this particular masterpiece.

The French fries were the same big frozen steak fries that you get at Huey’s, but what’s different is they were crisp and heavily seasoned today. If I had to guess, I’d say the seasoning was Old Bay, and it worked just great.

A very enjoyable lunch. A great Burger for sure, Green Beetle. Well done!

I give the Beetle Burger 4.5 out of 5 stars this time around. It was the big greasy burger I was craving and it was full of flavor accompanied by delicious fries. Totally hit the spot today. I’ll be back for sure!

The Green Beetle
325 S Main St
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 526-0383

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  2 Responses to “Green Beetle – Back for More”

  1. See Seth I told you the Beat was good……I’m glad you have come around to my side of the table…….

  2. See Seth I told you the Beet was good……I’m glad you have come around to my side of the table…….

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