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For two weeks, I’ve been working on a recap post of Burger Fest. I’ve written and rewritten the introduction probably a half dozen times, but haven’t been able to get further than that. There’s just so much I wanted to say about my first experiences with putting on a festival, but truth be told, who really cares about all those details now? What’s important is that it happened. It was awesome beyond all expectations. And we plan to do it again in 2013. What else needs to be said right now? Nothing that a few pictures can’t say even better. With that, I present to you the first ever, Best Memphis Burger Fest.

Cordell & Tawanda Pirtle – Owner’s of Jack Pirtle’s Chicken and our big sponsors! The only thing more awesome than the irony of a chicken restaurant sponsoring a burger fest is the size of their hearts. Great people! Nothing but love for them!

Even in the rain. People came out.

With your purchases and donations at Best Memphis Burger Fest, we’re so proud to have raised approximately $5,400 for Mid-South Spay & Neuter Services, a local non-profit committed to reducing the exorbitant animal and pet euthanasia rate in Memphis in a manner that is as cost effective as it is humane. Donations to the non-profit primarily assist in their providing affordable Spay & Neuter services to pet owners in Memphis as well as those in the tri-state area. Mid-South Spay & Neuter Services is currently the only solution to pet overpopulation in the Mid-South.

Tucks did his job as festival staff all day.

Team ‘More than a Burger’ working that Claybrook Farms beef.

Burger Fest had great local restaurant representation. Above is Mike Miller from Patrick’s Steaks & Spirits, March Bucher from BGR The Burger Joint and Jonathan Steenerson from Ciao Bella Italian Grill.

Grand Theft Audio played a pretty amazing set. Thanks for playing ‘War Pigs’ guys.

The setup of six 7.5 pounders for the Kooky Canuck Team Kookamonga Challenge. I love this picture. My wife and kids are right in the middle, and some notable Memphians like Christopher Bevel, Paul Ryburn, Tonya J Powers, Michael Donahue and Kevin Cerrito can all be spotted in the crowd.

And an eating competition it was! Congratulations to team ‘Rich People Problems’ who just edged team ‘Cheeseburgers in Paradise’ in a final 5 minute eat-off to swallow the victory.

I can’t thank all of our volunteers who worked so tirelessly throughout the day to make Burger Fest run so smooth.

Best Memphis Burger Fest sponsor, and Kooky Canuck owner, Shawn Danko making his way to the judging area with his 45 lb Extreme Burger turn-in.

Even though the judges awarded another burger the Best Extreme Burger trophy. This burger is as extreme as it gets. Nice Job Kooky Canuck!

Apparently there just weren’t enough burgers to go around. Either that or Jack Pirtle’s Chicken found their way over to Team ‘Meat in the Middle’s’ tent.

There’s no denying our trophies were incredibly cool.

What a great crowd for the first ever Best Memphis Burger Fest.

Energy Fitness owner, and Veggie Burger Judge, Tonya Tittle takes a moment to show off what she just judged!

A future team of competition eaters?

Thank you to all the sponsors that made Burger Fest possible.

My family showing their support.

I can’t even begin to thank Tim “Plow” James for stepping up and helping me make Burger Fest a reality.

Inaugural year Burger Fest tee shirts are still available for purchase. If you want one, email info@bestmemphisburger.com

Look for the Best Memphis Burger Fest to return in the fall of 2013. Details will be announced as they’re locked down. Thank you again for coming out and supporting this new festival.

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  3 Responses to “Best Memphis Burger Fest”

  1. The “first annual” anything always seems to have problems….I didn’t see any at this one.  Great food, cold beer and good music mixed with a good cause (MidSouth Spay and Neuter) and you can’t go wrong.  I had a great time and am looking forward to next year…and some sunshine.  Everyone did a great job.

    • @captaindes Thank you so much. That’s very validating. One of our goals was to not look like first timers. I think several small things could have been executed better, but for the most part, people got to eat and drink all day, there was plenty going on to entertain, and as much as I would have liked a sunny day too, the weather was out of our hands. Thanks for coming and hope to see you next year too.

  2. I had no idea there was a burger festival in Memphis! I must attend next time.

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