Jul 122012
Best Burger Nominations

2012 Best Burger Nominations

Yesterday was a total win. The Memphis Flyer released its 2012 Best of Memphis Ballot and guess how many nominations were listed for Best Burger? There were 24 burgers nominated. Many more nominations than last year. While it’s no secret that I wholeheartedly disagree that Huey’s makes the best burger in Memphis, my purpose was never to discredit the Huey Burger, or the Belmont Burger, or even the Soul Burger. I don’t believe I need to. The Best Memphis Burger blog, which will celebrate its first birthday on July 19 – one week from today, was started to shed light on some of the other great burgers around the greater Memphis area.

Let’s talk just for a moment about the Memphis Flyer’s Best of Memphis, Best Burger category. My prediction is Huey’s will again be named the Memphis Flyer Best Burger in Memphis. The fact is, Huey’s has seven local restaurants, each staffed by 30+ employees. That’s an automatic 210 votes multiplied by two or three family members of each employee. They’ll also get the token vote from the public that never leaves the beaten path and has never heard of Alex’s or Uncle Lou’s or who had no idea Top’s served up anything other than a BBQ sandwich. As far as I’m concerned, Huey’s has it in the bag and that’s how they continue to be voted Best Burger in Memphis. Like any election, if you want change, you have to vote. Tell everyone! For now, Our victory is in the nominations. It means people are choosing alternatives. They’re not settling for mediocrity and have stopped sentimentally praying that they’ll once again be served a 1980’s Huey Burger. I’m hopeful we’ll see change with who takes second and third place. What are your thoughts about this category? Let’s get a discussion going – and maybe, just maybe we can bring the change that we want to see in this category.

This has been an awesome year. Just about every one of the burgers listed on the right, and I’m sure dozens that I haven’t had yet, are deserving of a Best Burger nomination. I apologize for my slow-down in blogging the past couple of months. Planning a festival is more work than I ever imagined. I do have reviews coming soon on Fresh Slices, Captain JJ’s, Four Guys, and Fuel Cafe. Additionally, many burger suggestions are still being sent in each week. I also plan to recap Wing Fest, BBQ Fest and Chili Judging with Andy Wise.

Veggie Burger from Fuel Cafe

Fuel Cafe Veggie Burger

In 12 months, we’ve hit the gates running. With your help, we’ve found some great burgers. Remember we started at Three Angel’s Diner, lost focus at Five Guys and redeemed  everything with a game changer at Stuffy’s. We Had great burgers at Uncle Lou’s and Top’s Bar-B-Q, and fell in love with Alex’s Tavern and the Majestic Grille. We loved the home-style burger from Sweden Kream, went huge at Sweet Grass and had a mountain top experience on North Third at Roxie’s Grocery. Who can forget the 7.5 pounder at Kooky Canuck or the Build Your Own at Bleu. Some late comers that were big and impressive include Cafe Eclectic and Local Gastropub. One that was small in size but huge in taste is  The Slider Inn, who has come a long way since they open on Peabody and Cooper. I even had a veggie burger at Fuel that I never wrote up but haven’t stopped thinking about.

What really through me off my feet was what I saw as I was completing my ballot. I was in the Best of Media section and getting ready to cast my vote for Stacey Greenberg’s blog, Dining with Monkey’s. I love reading her stuff can totally relate to some of the trials and tribulation of taking children out in public and to restaurants. Anyway, as I was searching for Dining with Monkey’s, I noticed Best Memphis Burger. I did a double take followed by a triple take. There it was in black and white, Best Memphis Burger is nominated for Best Local Blog along side other great blogs, published by great writers. I admit that seeing my blog nominated makes me feel very proud, but seeing the number of burgers nominated makes me feel accomplished.

Please take a few minutes to complete the ballot, and while I’d love your vote if you’re so inclined, the most important thing is that we all vote.  Thanks for keeping up with Best Memphis Burger Blog this  year. Without your suggestions, conversations and support, none of this would be possible. I also hope to see you at the Best Memphis Burger Fest on September 30.

If you have a favorite burger that you think is Memphis’ best and should be reviewed on Best Memphis Burger, please drop a note in the suggestion box. If you’re interested in guest posting your favorite burger, send an email and let us know why.


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  One Response to “Best of Memphis – A Victory”

  1. “Please take a few minutes to complete the ballot, and while I’d love your vote if you’re so inclined, the most important thing is that we all vote.”
    Just discovered your blog (via Facebook), and looking forward to some excellent burger suggestions.
    However, permit me to disagree. I don’t vote in any of the “Best of Memphis” categories, because I don’t get out enough to have any clue what is the best Memphis offers in anything. Just to take Best Burger, I’ve eaten only one of the 24 nominees (Huey’s, of course; I lived in Midtown literally two blocks from the Madison location), and I’d be dead of coronary artery disease if I tried to sample the remaining 23 in the time left to vote.
    The most important thing is to cast an *intelligent* vote (if only that principle applied to real elections… *sigh*). That’s why I’m delegating the task to the rest of y’all.
    Looking forward to more fun reading. Happy first anniversary to your blogmathing. 🙂

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