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I’m taking a small leap once again by not writing about burgers or hot wings, so please bear with me. Recently we had reason to celebrate something at my house. Gus's World Famous Fried ChickenThe problem was, we were all just too exhausted to go out. Instead, I texted my wife something like this, “How about some Gus’s?” Her reply was a simple, but very convincing, “Oh Yes!” And in that instant, I knew dinner was going to be off the charts. If you live in Memphis, you know what I’m talking about. Whether you dine in or take out, Gus’s ranks up there with not only the best food in Memphis, but best in the entire South.

So what makes Gus’s Fried Chicken so good? Check this video out:

Words just don’t do Gus’s Fried Chicken justice. The sounds of crunchy fried chicken coating being eaten, followed by groans of satisfaction and finished with by mutual and agreeing sighs of contentment are better descriptors than any blog post you’ll find. Gus's Fried ChickenGus’s is just that good. The chicken chick stays nice an juicy while the crispy coating holds firm to the skin, not falling off when you handle it, like many fast food fried chicken. The coating is loaded with seasoning. It’s spicy, but not too hot. It’s greasy, but not too much. It’s just perfection on a bone. This is the chicken that has you picking away at every square inch of coating. If there’s coating to eat, it’s near impossible to just leave it alone.

There are several Gus’s locations. Each uses the exact same chicken and follows the same recipe. I believe the Front Street location serves a spicy coating as well as the regular seasoned fried chicken. The sides are always good and compliment the fried chicken. Let’s face it, the slaw could be the best slaw in the world, and people would still line up for the chicken. If you’re coming to Memphis for work or to visit, make sure you add Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken to your list of places to visit. It may not be Graceland, but it tastes a whole lot better.

I give Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken 4.5 out of 5 stars. In my opinion, it’s the best chicken in Memphis, I just don’t give 5 stars until I’m completely convinced it can’t be beaten.

Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken
730 S Mendenhall Rd
Memphis, TN 38117
(901) 767-2323

If you have a favorite place for fried chicken or a burger that you think is Memphis’ best and should be reviewed on Best Memphis Burger, please drop a note in the suggestion box. If you’re interested in guest posting your favorite burger, send an email and let us know why.

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  2 Responses to “Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken”

  1. I’ve wanted to try Gus’s for a while! Your post made my mouth water at 6:30 AM, and that’s a feat. Love the blog. 

  2. Hi Seth, I had fun last year trying to reverse engineer the Gus’s Fried Chicken recipe and I think I came pretty close. Still working on the spices though. But you might enjoy reading about my experiments at my blog:
    Jay Francis

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