May 112012

There’s a lot of buzz about Double J Smokehouse & Saloon right now, so when a friend suggested we meet there for lunch, I jumped all over it. Double J is located on GE Patterson, just east of Main Street where the former Beignet Cafe recently stood.

I’ve been dying to try their burger since I saw Paul Ryburn mention it on either his Downtown Blog or Twitter stream. Unfortunately, I had promised my 8 year old we’d grill burgers at home that evening, so for lunch, I opted for the Double J smoked hotwings.

Double J Wings

I plan to come back to the Double J Smokehouse & Saloon very soon to try and review their burger. However, since I did get a chance to try their smoked hotwings, I figured I’d mention a couple of things.

The smokey flavor of the wings was great. It was deep into each wing and was about as authentic of a smoke flavor as I’ve tasted. The Buffalo style sauce was very good too. Not my favorite because of the very vinegary flavor, but still good and a nice compliment to the smokey chicken flavor. However, the chicken wings weren’t cooked low and slow long enough for a clean pull-away of meat from the bone. It was a lot more work eating the wings at Double J than at Central BBQ.

As you can see in the picture above, they weren’t served with any celery or carrots. I know I saw the menu mention celery. When I asked about it from our server, she told me they were out and didn’t normally serve carrots. I don’t like to dip my chicken wings in the dressings. I eat them how they’re served and use the dressings for the vegetables.

All of the above I could have lived with and still scored these wings fairly high. What just killed the lunch for me were the flies. There were about a dozen or so swarming our table by the front window. After spending 5 minutes shooing more flies from my food than eating it, I asked the server if we could move somewhere else. She said it was like that everywhere in the dining room because the front door gets left open so frequently. At that point, and with 5 out of 8 wings left, I asked for a to go box. I just couldn’t eat like that and sadly, I regretted my decision to visit Double J Smokehouse & Saloon.

No ratings on this post. I’ll be back for the burger and maybe for some wings, but Double J Smokehouse & Saloon clearly has a couple of things to work out.

Double J Smokehouse & Saloon
124 G.E. Patterson
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 347-2648

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  2 Responses to “Double J Smokehouse & Saloon”

  1. You should go back and give it a try. Their plain burger is pretty good and a decent value. But they also do different specialty burgers every day around lunch time. Different sauces, cheeses, etc. 

  2. Well the big burger I ate today was great the meat was medium well as I asked.It had a great seasoning a fresh batch of lettuce,onion,pickle.The bun was soft fries were right on point if you havent had one then I encourge you to go try one.The steaks are fat and good also and worth mentioning……

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