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Going out for lunch is always a lot of fun. I’ve got several people who I fondly call “burger buddies”. They’re almost always ready to go grab a burger or get messy with some hot wings anytime I call or text. That makes my job here so much easier; as much as I enjoy good food, I enjoy sharing the experience with others. Dining out is a social thing and although I’ve done it before, I prefer not eating lunch alone. However, if I have to, I will. Like the time I drove over to Reese’s Bar-B-Q.

Reese’s had been on my radar for several months. I first heard of Reese’s about the same time I discovered my site and opinions weren’t so popular on one of the Goner Records message boards (You have to scroll way down the page). Nothing I could do about that, but I did get a few laughs, corrected some typo’s and discovered even more Memphis burger favorites, like Reese’s Bar-B-Q. So for what it’s worth, thanks guys – from the delicate flower of a burger blogger.

Reese's Bar-B-QAnyway, Reese’s Bar-B-Q is located at 4606 Winchester Rd. I took the Getwell exit on 240 and just headed south. If you turn west where Getwell meets Winchester, Reese’s is located in first strip mall on your right. I got there just before a huge down pour of rain and I know this isn’t the best photo, but I didn’t really have time to get a better one. On the inside, Reese’s is very clean and well maintained. It is very orange though. Either it’s run by a family of Tennessee football fans, was once a Hardee’s restaurant or someone is really in love with the color orange.

I made my way up to the counter and studied the menu for a couple of minutes. I knew I was going to get a burger, but I couldn’t decide if I wanted a double 1/4 pound burger or the single 1/2 pound burger. In theory, it’s the same amount of meat, but I figured I had a better chance of getting a juicier burger if I went big.

I ordered the 1/2 pound burger with everything on it and I recall asking the woman if getting it medium was possible. She smiled and shook her head yes, but I was pretty sure didn’t understand what I was asking. I added the fries and drink to make it a combo and sat down at a table while my burger was being prepared. After I did all my social check-ins and tweeted what I was dining on, I took a few more minutes to study the menu some more. What really caught my eye was how reasonably priced everything was. I mean, a 1/2 lb burger for $4.99 and 10 Whole wings for just $10.99. As much as I love the wings at Central BBQ, I know that 6 wings and a soda is going to cost me $12.00. I swore to myself, that no matter what the burger tasted like, I’d be back for some wings very soon.

The Burger
After about 10 minutes of waiting, tweeting and glancing at Reese’s menu, my order was up. I went up to the counter, got my burger and fries and sat back down to knock this one out. Reese’s 1/2 burger did not disappoint in appearance. It was a fat patty on a basic Wonder bun served just how I ordered it, with cheese, pickles, onions, and mustard and mayo only. Reese's 1/2 pound burgerI’ve gotten to the point that I’m almost always leaving the lettuce off and if I don’t think I’m going to get a nice fresh slice of tomato, I don’t even ask for it either. The way I ordered this burger had all the makings of a traditional cheeseburger.

Turns out it wasn’t medium or even close. It was well-done and more greasy than it was juicy. In my opinion, there is a difference between the two. Despite it being over cooked and greasy, it was seasoned perfectly and had a great flavor to it. Everything seemed to work perfectly together. The Bun was just the right thickness to support the burger nicely, but not over-take the taste of the burger patty. I dipped it in ketchup before each bite and found my self really enjoying this burger. It could have been better though if it came off the grill about 5 minutes earlier.

The fries on the other hand were your standard frozen steak fries. No taste whatsoever until they were drenched in salt and ketchup. Fries like these would have really benefitted by being dusted with a seasoned salt or some dry rub. Anything really would have helped them.

I give the 1/2 pound burger at Reese’s Bar-B-Q 3.5 stars out of 5. It was big and greasy, but I’ve absolutely had better and you probably have too.

Reese’s Bar-B-Q
4606 Winchester Rd
Memphis, TN 38118
(901) 366-1497

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