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A guest post from Liz of a belle, a bean & a chicago dog and Eli | Rose Social Media:

Along Highway 70, just east of Arlington’s Historic Square, sits the unassuming storefront for Off the Hoof Burgers.


Off the Hoof in Arlington, TN

In a location that has changed hands multiple times in the past few years, Off the Hoof has won over the tastebuds of many in northeast Shelby County with its surprising selection of burgers and side dishes. Not only do you have the choice between beef, kobe, buffalo, turkey, angus and ostrich for your meat, but Off the Hoof offers its beef burgers in 5 different sizes – 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz, 12 oz and 16 oz. Add to that the choice of 6 side dishes (hand-cut, battered, loaded, freda and sweet potato fries, plus onion straws), and you’re guaranteed to find the right combination for everyone in your party.

Plus, if you are the adventurous – and famished – type, you might want to attempt to tackle one of Off the Hoof’s larger-than-life burgers, like the 4 lb “Death by Beef”.

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The evening we went, we started with Off the Hoof’s Frickles appetizer.



Let me just take a brief moment to say that if Seth is the Memphis Burger Blogger, then I need to start a fried pickles site because that’s something I could truly be influential about. Off the Hoof’s frickles are a must if you’re a pickle fan. Thicker cut than what I’m used to seeing them, the pickle batter balanced the taste of the dill just right. The batter was a bit peppery and the frickles were served with a side of ranch.

One of my daughters ordered mini-corn dogs and the other chose the kid’s burger meal.


Two mini-burgers and fries

I ordered the beef burger, medium-well, with swiss cheese and mushrooms, and a side of onion straws for myself.


Mushroom and Swiss Burger


Onion Straws

Mushroom and swiss is the way I typically order my burgers, so I know that adding those 2 toppings can make for a messier and greasier burger. I have eaten Off the Hoof’s Kobe and Buffalo burgers before, but the beef burger I ordered during this visit turned out to be exceptionally greasy. To the point where I didn’t want to put my burger back down in my basket because my bun would have ended up soaking wet.

I thought the onion straws were pretty good. The dipping sauce was a tangy-honey sauce which I didn’t care for, but enjoyed the straws on their own.

Our waitress was very polite, cheery and attentive, and the decor and “seat yourself” nature added to the casual vibe.


Inside Off the Hoof

Based purely on the greasiness of my beef burger, I need to place my food rating at a 3.

My family and I will continue to dine at Off the Hoof because of all the choices on their menu, but I think I’ll be sticking to a burger less greasy like the Kobe or Buffalo.

Off the Hoof Burgers
12013 Highway 70
Arlington, TN 38002
(901) 867-3565

If you have a favorite burger that you think is Memphis’ best and should be reviewed on Best Memphis Burger, please drop a note in the suggestion box.

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Burger Blogger: Liz (1 Posts)

Liz is a 30-something marketer, social media consultant, blogger and mom. Originally from Chicago and currently living in the land of Dixie, she relishes in the flavor of fried pickles and BBQ, but longs for deep dish and a proper Chicago dog.

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  6 Responses to “Off the Hoof Burgers”

  1. Just for a point of clarification; it is likely that the patty might have been a bit greasy, which was amplified by the addition of mushrooms and swiss(a travesty). It is good to keep in mind that many restaurants use a steaming method to melt the cheese evenly and thoroughly. By looking at the picture, that seems to be the case. The pooling of the cheese’s oils are usually a sign. This adds quite a bit of moisture to the patty, making a buffalo burger palatable, but making a beef patty a overly juicy. This is probably the case here.

    •  @shaneofmemphis Interesting to learn that about burger prep methods! Too much moisture isn’t a good thing since buns are concerned, but like I said, I always order my burger that way and haven’t had the massive grease/moisture problem with their other meat options. 

      •  @LizJostes I’ve had the overly wet burger there a few times. I just do like you did, and don’t put it down, plowing through it way too quickly.
        Thank you for posting about the place, hopefully it will stick around longer than the predecessors. Or not move down the street like Pericos.

  2. Thanks again @LizJostes for taking the time to review Off the Hoof Burgers and add your thoughts to the site. I also appreciate all the direction and advice from you and “Zas” at elirose Social Media.

  3. Thank you again @LizJostes for taking the time to review Off the Hoof Burgers on the Burger Blog. I also appreciate all the great advice and direction from you and “Zas” at elirosesocial 

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