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A few weeks back, some guys from work and I walked over to Crumpy’s Wings & More on Claybrook & Union. We picked up a big to-go order and walked it back to our office. We ceremoniously gathered around a small dining table in our employee break room and began devouring hot wings. It wasn’t pretty, there was an obscene amount of napkins used and I didn’t take any pictures. So there was no wing review from that trip, but I can tell you that those wings hit the spot! Endless amounts of great tasting flavor and finger-licking messiness. However, as much as I loved the Buffalo flavor, I recall them not being as spicy as I would have liked. I swore that the next time, I’d take it up a notch from Hot to Extra Hot.

The other day I texted one of my burger & wings buddies to ask her if she’d had lunch yet and if she was in the mood for some Fino’s on the Hill. I had plans to go there earlier in the week, but they got canceled when another friend’s dog got beat up by a neighborhood cat. Well Allison, my burger buddy, didn’t want to hear anything about Fino’s and told me to meet her at Crumpy’s. She wanted wings. How could I argue with that? Nothing hits the spot for me like a big greasy burger or a large plate of spicy hot wings. A short time later, I walked up on Claybrook to see Allison creating her own parking spot where most people wouldn’t even think of parking. You see, Claybrook isn’t ideal for parking. It’s basically a street dedicated to loading and unloading freight and people. That is until Allison got there.

Crumpy's Wings & MoreA few minutes we finally finished laughing about her parking and walked into Crumpy’s for some food. The atmosphere in Crumpy’s is all but non-existent. There are several tables in two small open dining rooms with the remnants of an old cashier counter and possibly a bar that seem to have become a storage counter for paper goods and other supplies. Across from the entrance was a small window counter where you place your order and a large menu hanging on the wall next to it. That may have been Crumpy’s only wall art in the whole place. I noticed a burger combo on their menu but figured I’d save that for another day. Between the two of us, we ordered 7 Whole Extra Hot wings, 5 Whole Honey Gold wings, 5 Whole Jerk wings, a regular basket of fries and a couple of drinks. Oh yeah! We were about to do some eating!

About 15 minutes later, the wings all came out in Styrofoam boxes. The boxes were packed with the whole wings, carrot sticks and celery sticks, a cooked jalepeno pepper, a dinner roll and ranch or bleu cheese dressing. Each box was like an aroma explosion when it was opened. As much I was loved the aroma of the Extra Hot Buffalo, the Honey Gold hit my nose good and sent my senses spinning. For some crazy and unknown reason, I only took a photo of the Extra Hot wings and never picked up the camera again. Until I go back, you’ll just have to take my word about the Honey Gold and Jerk wings. If anyone goes to Crumpy’s in the coming days and orders Honey Gold or Jerk wings, please take a picture or two and email them to me. Thanks!

Crumpy's Extra Hot WingsThe Extra Hot wings were full of some awesome Buffalo flavor. They were spicy enough to give my lips that nice tingle, but not too bad inside my mouth. They weren’t any hotter than Central’s Wet Wings. It looks like my next trip to Crumpy’s, I’m going have to order the Suicide wings. For Allison, they were more than hot enough. I recall her saying that if she ate three or four of those, one after another, her mouth would be burning.

Like I mentioned, the Honey Gold wings rocked the taste buds. They were covered in a nice thick sauce that had a tangy hint of mustard and plenty of honey flavor that was so good. The color was brilliant. When you think Honey Gold, this is the color you think of. I’m still kicking myself for not getting a picture.

Finally we broke into the Jerk spiced wings. Tons of seasoning and loaded with flavor. I distinctly recall Allison saying these wings tied the Jerk wings at Central BBQ. I don’t know about anything being equal to Central’s wings, but they were good and seasoned and near impossible to put down.

All the wings were thick and juicy and I loved how the meat just fell right off the bone. They were breaded, fried to a crisp, and covered generously in their respective sauce or seasoning. Each flavor was exactly what it was supposed to be, making these wings rank up there with some of the best I’ve had. The Extra Hot wings got soggy quicker than I would have liked. It must have been the nature of the Buffalo sauce that penetrated the breading quicker.

The fries were Okay. Pretty much your standard crinkle-cuts. While they weren’t bad, they were no comparison to the awesome seasoned fries at Chings Hot Wings.

I give Crumpy’s Wings & More wings 4.5 out of 5 stars. Great flavors making up delicious wings. Check them out!

Crumpy’s Wings & More
220 S Claybrook St.
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 729-2302

If you have a favorite place for wings that you think I need to try and review, please drop a note in my suggestion box.

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