Feb 292012

1 Star

Tucker’s Pizza, Wings and Subs was recently recommended by someone at my office. He said their wings are a great deal for the price and if I really wanted something spicy, I should try their Suicide Hot Wings. Tucker’s is another place I’ve driven by for years and never tried. I remember a couple of distinct Twitter conversations about their late night delivery service and their menu variety, but Tucker’s really wasn’t on the radar until the other day when I was working with an out-of-town vendor and forgot to bring my lunch. I remembered Tucker’s was a nearby option and I figured, why not? I can get lunch and another review on the site.

Tucker's Pizza, Wings & SubsTucker’s is located in a little shopping center on Madison Ave. and South Avalon. It’s right across the street from the old Piggly Wiggly grocery store. I think it’s a Superlo now, but I’m not positive. Tucker’s shares the shopping center with Ace Cash Express and Pho Binh.

With my office being just a hop, skip and jump down Monroe, I was there in no time. I ordered just 6 whole wings, Hot only. I didn’t want to spend my afternoon working with a vendor and having stomach issues. You could say I wimped out on this one. Anyway, she took my credit card and then told me there was an additional $.35 charge for using a credit card. Very petty, but I get it. I told her fine, and asked if she could hurry, I was kind of in a rush and I appreciated it. No such luck, I still waited 15 minutes for them to bread, fry and toss my wings in their Hot Buffalo sauce.

Now I thought the aroma from Best Wings of Memphis was good, but this smell was nothing less than intoxicating. I was super ready to get messy and have some great wings. As soon as I got back to my office, my colleagues knew exactly what was in the box. There was no mistaking that smell.

Once I made it past all the vultures my colleagues scoping out my lunch and back upstairs to my office and desk, I grabbed a stack of napkins from the nearby coffee area and tore opened my box. ; Several of my wings still had feathers sticking out of them. Most were matted down from being fried or tossed in the Buffalo sauce, but still, feathers? Major WTF!?

Tucker's Hot WingsOut of the six wings, three seemed okay to eat and since I didn’t really have time to back up to Tucker’s and deal with this, I figured I just make due with the wings that were edible. No dice, they were about as awful tasting as Best Wings of Memphis. Similarly, they were hot, but at the same time sweet. I didn’t get as much of a tomato paste flavor, but I could still taste it. They weren’t as soggy, but they just weren’t good and barely worth the time to mess with them.

I give the Hot Buffalo wings at Tucker’s Pizza, Wings and Subs 1 star out of 5. There’s just no excuse for serving chicken wings with feathers still intact.

Tucker’s Pizza, Wings and Subs
1607 Madison Ave
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 274-0333

If you have a favorite place for wings that you think I need to try and review, please drop a note in my suggestion box.

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