Feb 022012

Memphis Magazine Taster's ChoiceI love the Memphis Flyer! I really do. I love the fresh relevant content and extra mile the Flyer seems to go to write about local businesses. I love their annual Best of Memphis and even the Memphis Magazine’s annual Taster’s Choice Restaurant Poll.

However, in an unsurprising manner, the magazine has once again awarded the best burger in Memphis to Huey’s. The top three are the same winners from the 2011 Best of Memphis Awards: Huey’s, Belmont Grill and Earnestine and Hazel’s. This year, they’ve added a fourth and fifth spot and given them to Interim and Kooky Canuck, respectively. Congratulations to the winners.

In my opinion, the Interim Burger and Kooky’s burger are each 100 times better than the top three combined on their best days. And what about Alex’s Tavern? Roxie’s Grocery? Sweden Kream? Uncle Lou’s? I just can’t wrap my brain around the voting or the choices.

So Memphis, I ask you:


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