Dec 152011
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Shannon Little, Seth Agranov, Kevin Martin, Tiffany Langston and Ken Rogers

Last night was one of those nights that I won’t forget for a long time. I met up with four of my favorite Memphis food bloggers at Kooky Canuck for an unofficial Kookamonga Challenge. Present was Tiffany Langston, Shannon Little, Ken Rogers and Kevin Martin. Together the five of us teamed up and took down the 7.5 lb Kookamonga Burger and a hearty helping of some of the best french fries in Memphis.

About 10 days ago, I posted the Kooky Canuck Four Cheese Burger review. It was one of my favorite burgers thus far. I finished the post saying I’d love to get a team together and do the challenge. It didn’t take long for that for that call to be answered. Ken Rogers quickly commented on my post that he’d love to help me eat a Kookamonga Burger. That gave me the awesome idea to make it a Memphis Foodie challenge. I reached out quickly to some of my favorite local food bloggers and every one of them quickly replied they were onboard.

The Kookamonga Challenge is nothing to take lightly. The true challenge is for one person to eat the entire 7.5 lb burger in less than an hour. I believe Kooky Canuck has made close to 3,500 of these burgers since they opened the doors in 2005. Only 8 eaters have ever completed the challenge. Since there were five of us eating, our challenge was unofficial. Plus we had some extra help from Tiffany’s husband and Shannon’s boyfriend. Truth be told this was still 7.5 lbs of burger awesomeness that needed to be eaten.

The Kookamonga BurgerEvery preconception I had about this burger was completely wrong. I thought it would be dry. It wasn’t. I thought it would be flavorless. It wasn’t. I thought it would be cooked past recognition. It wasn’t. In fact, it was almost as good as the smaller Four Cheese Burger I ate there last week. The bun was absolutely huge. I remember thinking to myself, “this thing is bigger than the Space Needle in Seattle.” Seriously, we could have gone outside and played a game of Ultimate Frisbee with it. It had to be at least 10 – 12 inches in diameter and few inches thick.

We served the burger to ourselves like a pie. Being the “Burger Guy”, the table awarded me the honor of cutting it up into equal pie shaped slices. I can’t serve a Pecan Pie at the Thanksgiving table, but I managed to cut seven perfectly equal and intact slices last night. That’s a lot of pressure folks!

The seven of us demolished that burger in no more then 10 minutes. It was good to the last bite! It was full of the Canadian steak seasoning flavor and nice and juicy. For a 4 lb patty, that’s pretty impressive. As big as the bun was, it mashed well and then entire slice was very manageable. My only complaint is it was gone so fast. Our server kept trying to sell us beers and appetizers while we were waiting on the burger. Thinking that we had this daunting Kookamonga challenge in from of us, we all stuck to our water and tea and refused all the tempting appetizers on Kooky’s awesome menu. As soon as the burger was gone, we realized we were still hungry and began ordering beers, fried pickles, hot wings and desserts. The Kookamonga Challenge may be a lot for one person or even two or three, but for seven it was a slam dunk. We should have ordered the King Kookamonga. For the record, that’s about 12 lbs of burger. Truly the stuff that legends are made of.

Shawn Danko

Kooky Canuck owner, Shawn Danko holding the 7.5 lb Kookamonga Burger.

I can’t thank Shawn Danko, owner of Kooky Canuck, enough. We communicated via Twitter ahead of time. He asked me how many people were coming, what time we wanted the burger served and how we wanted it cooked. He had a great table reserved for us with a great server taking care of our group. Shawn really made the whole experience very special. It was just a great night with great people. Shawn included!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! We even had a Paul Ryburn sighting. Paul can often be found up the street at the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium on the corner of 2nd Ave. and Peabody place. Paul writes an awesome downtown Memphis Blog called Paul Ryburn’s Journal. He updates his site daily with the latest downtown news. He writes about sports, restaurants, shows, and just about anything you need to know about when it comes to downtown. If you live, work or go out in downtown Memphis, you need to bookmark or subscribe to his site. It’s a must!

Kooky Canuck
97 S 2nd St
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 578-9800

If you have a favorite burger that you think is Memphis’ best or that I need to try and review, please drop a note in my suggestion box.

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