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Cooper Young Best Memphis Burger

In Memphis there are a handful pubs with truly stellar beer selections. The Memphis Flyer lists the top three as Flying Saucer, Boscos Squared and Young Avenue Deli. Each of them serve up some mighty fine food as well. I’ve enjoyed meals/pub food at all three. Young Avenue Deli, however, may easily have some of the best french fries in Memphis. Word got back to me that they also make a pretty good burger too.

Young Avenue Deli is located just west of Cafe Ole’ on the corner of Cooper and Young. The Deli is a great place to see a concert or watch a Tiger game. They have several large TV screens around the bar and a large projection screen that really makes you feel like you’re court-side for a game. Young Avenue Deli has a busy concert schedule featuring a wide variety of local bands and entertainers. Additionally, there are several pool tables and a foosball table located toward the back of the bar. The also have a huge sidewalk patio that is always full when the weather is nice.

Last week Tim and I finally made it over to the Young Avenue Deli for burgers. We figured, over the years, both of us drank more beer there than food we’d eaten, but neither of us had ever had their Home-Style Seasoned Burger. That’s a mistake that I’m glad to say has now been corrected. We got there in the middle of lunch hour on a rainy day. Because of the weather, no one was eating out on their sidewalk patio and every table inside was full. We managed to find a couple open stools at the bar which was perfect for us. Bartenders always seem to have a little more time to talk to you about food, especially during lunch hour when fewer people are ordering beers and cocktails.

We asked about the Home-Style Seasoned Burger and the bartender told us he loved it and it was a great choice. When we asked what it was seasoned with, he either wasn’t really sure or wasn’t willing to divulge the Deli’s secret seasoning mix. Either way we were there for burgers so secret seasoning or not that’s what we ordered. Tim, as usual, ordered his medium-well and I asked for mine to be cooked medium. We both got an order of fries and Tim ordered the onion rings as well.

The Burger
Our burgers arrived open-faced on big fresh Kaiser buns. On one side of the bun was a huge 1/2 lb burger patty with melted cheddar and on the other half were the toppings. Sitting in front it me, it smelled divine! I snapped the usually pics for the blog, put the burger together and sunk my teeth in. Cooper Young Awesome Midtown BurgerOther than the fact mine was more medium-well than medium, it had that great burger taste, very much like the burger from Majestic. I’m still not sure what secret seasoning the menu was referring to. I really didn’t taste anything other than some salt and pepper, which was okay. The flavor was all there. It seemed to have just the right combination of juice, flavor and size. This is another one of those Memphis burgers that could easily take out the annual Memphis Flyer winner.

Beside the burger being really good, the french fries were off the charts. They were hand cut potato fries, that were crisp and seasoned just right with salt and pepper. I could have eaten those fries all day. Tim said his onion rings were good too. They’d rival Huey’s in size, but were breaded much differently. I personally don’t care for them that big and I was too full to give them a try.

I give the Young Avenue Deli Home-Style Seasoned Burger a solid 4.5 stars out of 5. This was a very enjoyable lunch. Great food in a great atmosphere. The Deli serves a big burger with an even bigger taste. Combine that with some of the best fries you’ll ever have and you can’t go wrong. I caution you though, my burger and fries (that come a la carte) cost me almost $14.00. Delicious meal, but a little steep for a burger and fries in my opinion.

Young Avenue Deli
2119 Young Avenue
Memphis, TN 38104-5646
(901) 278-0034

If you have a favorite burger that you think is Memphis’ best or that I need to try and review, please drop a note in my suggestion box.

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