Oct 232011

2 Stars

Yesterday the family and I took a trip to Cedar Hill Farm. We make this annual trek to Hernando, MS just prior to Halloween to visit the pumpkin patch, corn maze and hay ride with the kids while snapping photos the entire time. This year, I was especially excited to get to Hernando. It also happens to be the home of Velvet Cream, otherwise know as “The Dip”. Velvet Cream is another burger joint that was featured on the WKNO Memphis – Local Color episode: Best Burgers in the Midsouth. Normally I wouldn’t go this far in search of a Best Memphis Burger, but since I was going to be in the neighborhood and Local Color fans ranked it #8, a pit stop was certainly in order.

Hernando MS BurgerVelvet Cream is very similar to Sweden Kream and Jerry’s Sno Cones. It’s a walk-up food stand with an extensive and impressive menu of burgers, dogs, pork, chicken, turkey, fish, wings and a ton of ice cream flavors for cones, cups, shakes, malts, etc. I thought the choice would be easy. I was just there for a burger. However, there’s the regular burger, in small, medium and large sizes with single, double and triple meat. Then there’s at least 20 different gourmet burger options. There was so much to choose from, and with a growing line behind me getting longer, I was suddenly feeling very overwhelmed by the burger menu. Since I didn’t recall Local Color mentioning gourmet burgers, I quickly chose the medium sized single cheeseburger with everything on it and an order of spicy fries. One of my kids, got a chocolate cone, the other got a kids’ burger with fries and my wife was happy with just a soda. If we weren’t there for burgers, we’d probably still be standing there looking at the menu.

The Burger
Hernando MS BurgerMy son’s burger was a thin patty on a regular Wonder hamburger bun that came just how he likes it, lots of ketchup and lots of pickles. My burger was similarly thin, just bigger and on a larger Wonder bun. I wish there was as much burger as there was shredded lettuce and slices of tomato that were overlapped to fit the bun. On the patty was a melted slice of a Kraft Single American Cheese slice and a lot of salt. It was so salty, it just wasn’t enjoyable. My son, who wasn’t enjoying his burger so much either, allowed me to taste of his burger. It too was just as salty. For verification, I asked my wife to taste it. Salty was the verdict. I’m all for a little salt and pepper seasoning, this was something right out of the ocean. I wish I could tell you this burger was worth all the hype, but it wasn’t. In fact, I’m really thankful I didn’t make the trip all the way to Hernando just for the Velvet Cream cheeseburger.

My spicy fries weren’t spicy at all. They were your standard seasoned fries that happened to as greasy as the order was big. They just weren’t very tasty. Another disappointment. My son’s fries were very similar to McDonald’s fries. He and his brother were loving them. The little one even said they were the best fries he’d ever had.

Eating at Velvet Cream

I give the Velvet Cream burger 2 out of 5 stars. It was incredibly thin, salty, and unbalanced with too many toppings. Overall this was a very disappointing burger given all the WKNO Local Color hype. The ice cream flavors would bring me back in a heartbeat, but I wouldn’t give this burger another thought.

Velvet Cream – The Dip
2290 Highway 51 South
Hernando, MS, 38632

If you have a favorite burger that you think is Memphis’ best or that I need to try and review, please drop a note in my suggestion box.

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  1. It’s called “The Dip” but you can’t get a dipped cone?

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