Oct 132011

Former Midsouth Title Future Five guysRumor has it, although unconfirmed, that Five Guys Burgers and Fries is coming to Midtown. 2100 Union Ave. is the alleged location as reported by the Commercial Appeal. Apparently a deal is in the works.

This area of Union Ave. already has a high concentration of fast food. There’s a Burger King in the next lot, a McDonalds across the street and a Chick-Fil-A and Wendy’s a little ways up the street. My take is Five Guys will fit right in. After all, they opened next door to a McDonalds on Ridgeway and are doing very well.

I wasn’t crazy about Five Guys. Their lines are generally long and it’s really no more than a fast food burger. While it’s better than McDonalds or Burger King, I find it over priced for what you get. For a better burger in Midtown, at a better price, drive about a mile west on Union and stop in at Tops Bar-B-Q.

What’s your opinion of Five Guys coming to midtown?

If you have a favorite burger that you think is Memphis’ best or that I need to try and review, please drop a note in my suggestion box.

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