Oct 042011

2 Stars

Yesterday we headed over to Broadway Pizza for lunch. I’d been there before for the pizza and I thought it was just okay, but not my favorite. Besides burgers and sushi, pizza completes the trinity of my favorite foods. Because I didn’t love it, I never went back. However, someone recently sent me a suggestion to try Broadway Pizza’s cheeseburger. I was told it was big and very good. How could I go wrong? Especially for the $4.00 price.

Midtown Memphis Pizza and BurgersBroadway Pizza is located on Broad Ave., just a block or so west of Three Angel’s Diner. They’re family owned and operated since 1977. If you are an Elvis fan, you’re sure to enjoy some of the great tribute artwork, movie posters and portraits hanging on the walls. Broadway also offers $6.00 pitchers of beer and PBR longneck specials. There’s more information on their Facebook page. I mention this because I had scrolling issues on their website with my Safari browser.

Tim and I picked a table in the smaller of the two dining rooms with large TV showing ESPN’s Sports Center. While our server took our drink order, we asked about the burgers. She said they were amazing. Almost 1 lb. and very seasoned. When we asked what they were seasoned with, she didn’t know. Tim jokingly suggested, burger seasoning and she said, yes. She said the burgers would take about 20 minutes to cook being that they were so big. Tim ordered his medium well with mayo, tomato, onion and bacon. I asked for mine to “please be cooked medium” and with everything on it except for bacon. We both opted for seasoned french fries instead of regular fries or onion rings. The wait was on.

The Burger
Midtown Memphis BurgerAfter about 20 minutes, our server showed up with two very good looking burgers. They were huge, cut down the middle, held together with large toothpicks and served surrounding a generous portion of crisp seasoned fries. While Tim’s burger was actually served medium-well, mine was cooked well-done instead of medium. I was going to send it back, but we never saw our server again until it was time to clear the plates.

I picked up half the burger, and gave it a little squeeze. Plenty of juice came pouring out and I thought, maybe it won’t be bad. Turns out that it wasn’t juicy, but greasy. Someone on Urbanspoon said that Broadway Pizza uses only the highest quality meat in their burgers, I beg to differ. This was just just plain old ground beef; maybe a 70/30 mix, which would explain the grease. On top of that, it was completely unseasoned. I didn’t even taste salt or pepper mixed in. The only flavor I was getting was from the mayo mustard and onions. What was even worse was the burger was just crumbling as I tried to eat it. It tasted like I was eating something that was the same consistency as unseasoned ground taco meat.

One more thing, the tomato wasn’t quite ripened yet either. It was more pink that it was red and tasted like one of those big tomatoes you get in the middle of February, when fresh one’s are almost impossible to come by.

The bun was fine, it was a big white burger bun that held everything together. No complaints on the bun or even on the seasoned fries. They were good too.

When we went up to the register to pay, I was asked if I enjoyed my lunch. I was honest. I told the woman my burger was very over cooked and didn’t have much flavor to it. She suggested that next time, I tell my server how I’d like it prepared. When I stated that I did, she went and found our ticket and saw that the server wrote ‘medium’ so small that the kitchen would have never seen it. I didn’t have the heart to mention the burger blog at that time.

I’ve said it before. I’m not a professional food critic, but I do think that after eating burgers from over 20 different venues I can tell a good one from a bad one. On this day, the Broadway Pizza cheeseburger was not a good one. Yes it was only $4.00, but everything was a la carte. By the time I paid for the burger, fries and a Coke I was nine dollars in. I paid less at Stuffy’s and got so much more.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars. The potential for a good burger was there. Some seasoning would have a gone a long way and a burger that big needs to be cooked to order.

Broadway Pizza
2581 Broad Ave
Memphis, TN 38112
(901) 454-7930

If you have a favorite burger that you think is Memphis’ best or that I need to try and review, please drop a note in my suggestion box.

Broadway Pizza House on Urbanspoon

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  7 Responses to “Broadway Pizza”

  1. Dont go to Broadway to get a burger….Go to the Green Beetle and ask for the Big “Seth” Burger……They have a better burger than Broadway for sure……

  2. I am sorry to hear about your experience at Broadway Pizza. A family member told me about this place about two years ago and i have been enjoying their food since. I have ordered plenty of the items offered on their menu from the pizza, to the wings, to burgers, and also desserts. I have never had problems with my food or the staff. The prices are reasonable considering the amount of food and quality of food you receive. The food has always been prepared to my specifications and the servers have been attentive to my needs. Very friendly as well. I can’t say I am a huge Elvis fan, but i really enjoyed the atmosphere. You get a sense of Memphis history when you go.

  3. I enjoy burgers at broadway about once a week very well seasoned and have never had any complaints. Its obvious you were having a bad day because you complained about everything. Dont listen to one persons comment. Try it out again.

    • @Dan93 I don’t recall what kind of day I was having, but there’s no denying what I ate that day at Broadway Pizza wasn’t a Best Memphis Burger. I wasn’t alone though. A coworker went with me and got the same thing. He found it equally disappointing. I stand by my review of that burger on that day.

  4. I have taken many people here and had their reactions all be the same. The best burger in town. How can you say that they didn’t season it with salt and pepper even when that is the only thing they season it with. If you know about this place then you know to call in your order so you don’t have to wait. They are hand made patties and are well worth the $4.75. You sound like a prude picky eater. This is hands down the best burger in town. I would love to try one of your favorites. You are just upset you had to wait and have no taste buds. MULTIPLE people that i take up there love the seasoning and can taste it just fine. Maybe your prude of an attitude made them want to piss you off who knows but you are completely wrong about this .

    • Easy now, it’s just a burger review that happens to be 2 yrs old. I’m glad you like their burger so much. For me, on that day, it didn’t do it. I stand by my review.

  5. not to mention YOU ATE THE DAMN THING . If it were so bad LEAVE

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