Aug 262011

Last night on the WKNO-TV Memphis Local Color show a half hour spot on the Best Burger in the Midsouth was featured. I was glued to the TV waiting to see which burgers they’d feature. There were several mentions that were of no surprise and a couple I hadn’t heard about but will be trying soon. They even featured a viewers Top 10 which I don’t necessarily agree with. However, I’ve said it before, Burgers are a subjective food. What might be my taste and preference may not be the same for you.

They touched on the different types of classifications you almost have to place burgers into. For example, you have your fancy big burgers, thin greasy hangover burgers, and right off the backyard grill style. They even provided the full recipe for Deni Reilly’s Petite Lamb Burgers. Deni is the owner of the Majestic Grille. Great show! I’d love to hear what you think.

If you have a favorite burger that you think is Memphis’ best or that I need to try and review, please drop a note in my suggestion box.

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