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Lately, my wife has been throwing a lot of jabs my way about my not taking her along on a Best Memphis Burger tasting. After all, she probably loves burgers even more than me and I know it’s been rough for her to read my reviews while not being included in a single tasting, other than our outing to Huey’s. Well we finally changed that the other night when we piled the whole family into the car to meet some good friends, Kalisa (I’ll be the One in Heels) and Chip, at Jerry’s Sno Cones for burgers and desserts.

We got to Jerry’s a little before 6 pm and there was a good size line ahead of us that never died down and only got longer while we were there. This time of year especially, Jerry’s does a phenomenal business. The biggest attraction at Jerry’s is their namesake, the snow cone. Regardless of the summer heat and humidity, people gladly line up out to the street, six nights a week, for one of the 40+ flavors of regular snow cones, milkshakes, or Supreme snow cones mixed with ice cream. But don’t look for a table or any provided place to sit. You won’t find one. Be prepared to eat in the back of your SUV, like we did, or bring some fold-up chairs.

Wife enjoying her burger

The line at Jerry’s actually moves fairly quickly. After only 5 minutes of waiting, I ordered a burger and fries for three of us and a hot dog for my other son. You might say that he’s one of those picky eaters. My wife was the only one who ordered a snow cone. Based on the I Love Memphis Blog review, she got the Red Wedding Cake flavor. My boys and I are chocolate milkshake lovers and we heard Jerry’s made a good one. Kalisa and Chip only came for Supreme snow cones as they ate a late lunch at Three Angels Diner. The snow cones looked pretty good and I heard no complaints from those partaking. Our shakes were good as well, but could have been more frozen. They were pretty thawed when we got them and it took no time in the heat for them to melt even more. No complaints from my boys, but compared to the thick shake from Sweden Kream just up the street, I thought Jerry’s shake fell short.

The Burger
Our burgers came fairly quick. Once we placed our order, it only took about 10 minutes before everything appeared in the window. I was pleasantly surprised with the size of my burger. From what I’d heard about Jerry’s Sno Cones, I expected a burger similar to the one I had at Sweden Kream. That wasn’t the case. Jerry’s served up a much bigger burger, but unfortunately, it wasn’t quite as good. Don’t get me wrong. There was nothing at all bad about Jerry’s burger. It was a good 1/3 lb. thick and juicy patty, cooked to a medium-well temp. It wasn’t seasoned and there just wasn’t anything outstanding about it. The Sweden Kreme burger had a better overall taste. However, I’d order a burger at Jerry’s again in a heartbeat. Where else can you get a good thick burger like that for just a few bucks?

Jerry’s Sno Cones had the best crinkle cut fries I’ve had so far. They were hot, crisp and salty. I think my son was digging them more than the burger. We had to continually remind him that fries are a side item, but I don’t think he was buying it. The fries and the shake were his favorite.

I give the Jerry’s Sno Cones burger 3.5 out five stars. It’s not at a bad burger all, but if you’re looking for a something great at Jerry’s, order a snow cone and some fries.

Jerry’s Sno Cones
1657 Wells Station Rd.
Memphis, TN 38108
(901) 767-2659

If you have a favorite burger that you think is Memphis’ best or that I need to try and review, please drop a note in my suggestion box.

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  1. It was pretty funny watching Seth analyze & photo his burger before he ever took a bite of it…

  2. Right on!

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