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Update 12/20/11:
Kwick Check & GrillI went back to Parkway Grill today. The plan was to head over to Central BBQ for some of those great wings. However at 1 pm, the line was out the door and through the window, we could see every table inside was full. It was a spur of the moment decision, but I figured it was time to give Parkway Grill another another try.

To this day, I’m still receiving suggestions to try their burger. That little convenience store has a lot of fans that truly love their burgers, gyros and wings. If you recall, the last time I went I got the 1/2 lb black angus burger with everything on it and wasn’t impressed. It was very lacking in flavor and juiciness. Plus, the bun crumbled on me less than halfway through the meal. I didn’t score it well because it just wasn’t very impressive.

Parkway Grill Angus BurgerToday, I got a completely different burger. I ordered the same 1/2 lb black angus burger combo and I asked for it the same way, with everything on it. The only thing I got different were the regular steak fries instead of seasoned. Today’s burger was very flavorful. I saw the cook hit it with at least two difference seasonings. One looked like a salt & pepper mix, the other was their secret seasoning that he wouldn’t reveal. That stuff’s good! They should bottle and sell it. My burger was also very juicy today. Even though there was no pink inside it, they didn’t over cook it like last time. That probably caused it to taste so dried out. Also, today’s bun was nice and fresh and held the burger all together. All in all, a pretty enjoyable burger. Much better than the last time. No longer a 2.5, but a solid 4 star burger in my opinion. Still not my favorite Memphis Burger, but it can hold its own with some of the best of them. Glad I went back.


Original Post:
Diagonally across the street from Fairview Middle School and the Memphis Fairgrounds, on the northwestern corner of Central Ave. and East Parkway, is a Subway and a Kwik Shop & Grill convenience store. Inside that Kwik Shop & Grill there’s both a convenience store and a grill with some small tables for dining. The grill is actually called the Parkway Grill of Memphis. You order at the counter, pay for your lunch and they call your number when your food is ready. Their menu includes a burger, double burger, black angus burger, garden burger, turkey burger, chicken filet, fish filet, grilled chicken pita, lamb and beef gyro and hotdogs. We got there about 12:30 and there was quite a crowd. I’ve always wondered why the parking lot was so full at lunch time, but no one was ever at Subway. Who would’ve known?

Ok, let’s be real for a moment. I had lunch at a convenience store. There was no ambiance to be found and besides the signs for cold beer and cheap smokes. Again, it’s a convenience store. Still my expectations were high for a really good burger. The aromas from the grill filled the store, and I was sure we were on to something.

The Burger
One of you told me that they had the best burger in Memphis, and that I had to get the 1/2 lb Black Angus burger. I did – fully loaded with everything on it. It looked great on the plate. It was a big preformed burger patty on a big size Wonder bun. It came loaded with cheese, lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle, mayo and mustard and a big side of seasoned spicy fries. For a convenience store, this was a decent burger. While it looked big and juicy, it was actually a bit over cooked and not very seasoned. My first bite was nothing special so I took a couple more to make sure I wasn’t missing something. There was just no WOW factor. In the grand scheme of this quest for Memphis’ best burger nothing really stood out about Parkway Grill’s Black Angus burger. It was big and it was good, but there was no greatness on their griddle today.

Another problem that I found was when I went to add some ketchup to it. The burger came off the line prepared with too much mayo and mustard. I pretty much saw where this was going, another burger/bun disaster. Surprisingly, I was able to make it 3/4 of the way through before it was a finger-licking mess. The bun, while slightly toasted on the griddle, just didn’t stand a chance to Parkway Grill’s greasy griddle fried burger with all those condiments.

With the combo, I had a choice of spicy fries or steak fries. The steak fries are similar to what you’d get at Huey’s. I saw an order of them being served when I walked in and they didn’t look crisp at all. So naturally I went with their spicy fries. I’m not sure why they’re called spicy fries. They weren’t at all spicy. Crisp and seasoned, maybe. Spicy, no. Nor were they very tasty. Although they weren’t, they tasted burnt. I’m just not sure what taste they were going for on the fries.

I give Parkway Grill 2.5 out of 5 stars. It wasn’t a bad burger, but not worth the $8.00 and change I paid for the combo. Come on Memphis, I know you can do better.

Parkway Grill
711 E Parkway S
Memphis, TN 38104
(901) 522-3690

If you have a favorite burger that you think is Memphis’ best or that I need to try and review, please drop a note in my suggestion box.

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