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Huey's Cordova

You can never go wrong with a Huey Burger. In the 2010 Memphis Flyer’s Best of Memphis Poll, Huey’s picked up first places in the Best Lunch and Best Burger categories and two third places in Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant and Best Restaurant categories. Huey’s was also the recipient of the 2011 Restaurant Neighbor Award. The Restaurant Neighbor Award is presented to a restaurant or company for its outstanding community service programs or project. Additionally, Huey’s Restaurant in Midtown Memphis has earned the Project Green Fork designation for implementing environmentally friendly management practices. Project Green Fork is a local organization that contributes to a sustainable Mid-South by helping restaurants reduce environmental impact. Requirements for the designation include eliminating polystyrene packaging, establishing a composting program, utilizing non-toxic cleaners, and taking steps to reduce pollution and energy and water consumption. I feel good knowing I can get a good burger from a local restaurant that it is committed to the community and the environment.

Each Huey’s restaurant (there are currently 7) looks quite different from the outside, but has that same feel and atmosphere as the original 1927 Madison Ave. location. There are TVs on showing different sporting events, while the sound of good classic rock fills the air. My family is particular to the Huey’s Cordova restaurant. Not because it’s the closest, but because of who manages it. Don McLean, former owner of Lulu Grille, does a phenomenal job out there and pushing great food and service from a very friendly staff. My wife and I both worked for him back in the Lulus days, and we consider him to be family. The thing about Don is he considers everyone who comes through the doors to be family and he makes sure they’re treated as such.

A couple of weeks ago we went to see Cars 2 at the Cordova Malco Theater with two other couples and their kids. After the movie, we all showed up at Huey’s with a party of 11. Within minutes, the kids had their table and the grown ups had ours. As soon as we were seated, our server had the children busy with drinks and coloring pages. We quickly placed our order and awaited the goodness. Sorry to the table next to us who we may or may not have hit with a few tooth picks.

The Burger
I ordered the Huey Burger with Onion rings. As always, it was cooked just right and tasted good. The Huey burger is a good size 1/3 lb. patty prepared at the temperature of your request. My burger didn’t taste very seasoned and wasn’t overly juicy, yet there was something just delicious about it. My toppings were fresh and didn’t take away from the burger and my onion rings’ breading didn’t keep the large red onion from sliding out when I bit into it. It wasn’t until this weekend when I was tweeting with a friend that I figured out what’s so special about the Huey burger. When I asked, “after being gone from Memphis for three weeks, why Huey’s?” @firstresponses answered, “To me, it depends on your mood. I often go to Huey’s when I’ve been out of town and need Memphis.” That’s it. Huey’s has established itself as a part of the Memphis tapestry. After just a few weeks of reviewing burgers, I could name several that might taste better than the Huey Burger, but very few restaurants where I can sit down, see familiar faces or and take myself down memory lane.

We’ve all been to Huey’s for family dinners, entertaining out of town guest, dates, business lunches, to hear Sunday Blues music, etc. That’s why my burger was so good and that’s why I’ll come back as long as they stay open.  It’s part of my Memphis history.

I give the Huey Burger 3.5 out of 5 stars. I don’t think it’s best burger in Memphis, but it’s good nonetheless and the experience and memories I’ve carved into the walls of Huey’s keep me coming back.

Huey’s Cordova
1771 N. Germantown Pkwy
Cordova, TN 38018

If you have a favorite burger that you think is Memphis’ best or that I need to try and review, please drop a note in my suggestion box.

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